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ResDiary: Manage Your Restaurant With This Cool Online Reservation System

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With so many restaurants to choose from at every location, getting ahead or at least at par with, the competition is not only about serving affordable and tasty dishes but also on how you market your place. People need to know you exist before they could experience what you offer. Thus, arming yourself with the proper knowledge to reach a wider audience is very essential. There are several ways to promote and build your reputation as a prominent place for dining by Googling online, and one is by checking out Profitboss founder Adam Guild way of restaurant marketing.

Your friendly neighborhood Pambansang Blogger was invited to an intimate presentation of a new restaurant reservation system. The meet-up was held at the 2nds restaurant located in Bonifacio Global City where a handful of the members of the media witnessed the promising new system.

Start up company, Govago Inc, and UK Based restaurant reservation system, ResDiary, are introducing the first complete  online booking system that allows them to know more about their diners and manage tables more effectively. This new online reservation system is not only very useful for the customers but also for the restaurant owners. 

A shortcut for Restaurant Diary, ResDiary is a clever management tool designed to improve the restaurant reservation practice and also to enhance customer loyalty.

Diners will now have the convenience to book at any restaurant with the said system using any smartphone or computer. The portal and mobile phone products are designed to make it easy for diners to find restaurants and eventually book themselves. That's free bookings with no cover charges!

After a sumptuous dinner at 2nds partaking some of the specialties of the restaurant (especially loved the crispy bacon chicharon .... ooohhh very dangerous to my diet..hahaha), Mike Breewood, the Chief Operations Officer of ResDiary led the presentation of ResDiary.

“The fact that almost 100% of the restaurants here are still writing down your name and not grabbing an email address or a telephone number is crazy. Our goal is to digitize the restaurant industry, and allow them to be connected online ... If a restaurant is managing all their reservations through an online diary whether from their website or social media or on a mobile device, they can instantly and in real-time check availability. [The system] manages the entire reservation process for you ... It’s connecting the entire consumer journey to allow them to book at a time that fits them and in a manner that suits them, but most importantly it allows restaurants to yield manage and maximize their bookings.”

The system proved to be quite easy to use as seen from the demo, and Mike did say they will provide training to the restaurant staff who will use the system. Of course, the interface for the customers are just like any normal app of which many of us are already familiar with.

Restaurant owners can even embed a ResDiary app into their website or Facebook page! Amazing for both customers and business owners!

The restaurant owners can even keep tabs on customer information details by being able to identify frequent and loyal customers because of the database the system can store. This also helps in identifying where improvement is needed.

Your team can also easily work on your reservation system to check availability and place bookings across the team handling the booking.

What's great about the system is that it is fully customizable based on the needs of the restaurant owners. I liked the feature where you can see the actual arrangement of seats and tables so the restaurant staff can easily manage their seating arrangement.

It is also very convenient for the customers to be able to access the ResDiary apps in many ways like from the Facebook page of the restaurant. We all know that many of us are in Facebook so it's quite convenient to book within the popular social media platform.

Govago President, Dennis Ng, said the system will help the restaurant industry move into the digital age. “I think the restaurants here in the Philippines are still stuck in the dark ages to a large extent. I think Filipinos has evolved and grown and has become a bit more digitised over the past two, three years, Airlines and hotel bookings have been successful, but the vast majority of restaurants in the Philippines are still using a pen and paper diary to manage their bookings and that’s not what happens in the UK, Australia or the US markets, so there’s a long way to go in the Filipino market to get the restaurant industry in-line with the rest of the world.”

“With ResDiary, there will be a bunch of features that [restaurants will] immediately get access to,” said Ng. “The first of which is the booking widget that can be added into the restaurant website, FaceBook page and Twitter. That will mean that when a customer’s calling, the restaurant instantly has the full background knowledge of the customer. They’ll know that this person has been in the restaurant three times in the past twelve months; they’ll know that she prefers a bottle of red and her favorite table is table 10. So hotels have done this brilliantly; you start to get access to a way to deliver a better customer experience.”

We also got to meet one of the owners of the 2nds restaurant, who we were informed happened to be the sister of celebrity Rhian Ramos. You can see from her features that she does look a lot like her sister. So that's another reason why you should be dining at 2nds - where the ResDiary reservation system is active and to rub shoulders with a celebrity sister you could probably meet on your next visit.

Admittedly, we could only see the effectiveness of the system by actually seeing it in action, so 2nds restaurant may be the first restaurant to manage this system. We were informed that the staff will soon undergo training on the usage of the system, and hopefully more restaurants to follow taking advantage of the system. We will really find out its convenience to the users when there are more restaurants getting the services.

For now, good luck to ResDiary, and hoping we could actually try using the reservation system soon!

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  1. Wow, this piece on ResDiary's innovation in restaurant management is truly heart-stirring! Having had the pleasure to visit numerous Mt Maunganui restaurants, I can only imagine the profound impact such a system would have on these beloved local hubs.

    The dynamic environment of the culinary world is beautifully challenging, yet it demands high-efficiency solutions to ensure the best experiences for both diners and restaurant operators. The commitment that ResDiary shows in solving the issues of overbooking, guest management, and table optimization truly tugs at my heartstrings. It's the kind of dedication that reflects a deep understanding of the restaurant industry's trials and tribulations.

    The seamless integration of technology within our favorite dining spots, such as those in Mt Maunganui, would be an absolute game-changer. It would not only enhance the dining experience but also invigorate these culinary artists' passion, freeing them to do what they do best: create memorable meals that bring people together.

    In this day and age, where the human touch is often lost behind screens and systems, it's incredibly moving to see such innovation devoted to preserving and uplifting the restaurant industry's essence. I'm thrilled at the prospect of these systems making a grand impact, not only in mt maunganui restaurants but across the global food scene.


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