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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: A Place Where Forever Exists

Wazzup Pilipinas!

John and Cass were introduced here as a couple and have been together for almost four years already.

One day, Cass had an accident and was brought to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed that Cass has been suffering from brain cancer which explains why her head suddenly aches every now and then. What is worst is that, she only has two months left to live.

Cass so loves John so much that she thought of finding a replacement for her as the lover of John so he will not get hurt when she dies. She then thought her best friend Julia would be the best candidate. Cass then made a way for John and Julia to get close and arrange dates for them to fall for each other.

However, Cass wasn’t successful in making John fall in love with Julia. John found out about what Cass was planning and explained that he never really dated with Julia and he doesn’t like her. And in fact, John will never like anyone except Cass. Cass realized that John really loves her so much. Unfortunately, John died in a car accident before Cass’ last day of existence.

Below is our short story for the day. Read and enjoy.

I believe this day is very special. Not just for me, but for John too. We’ve been together for almost four years. I mean now, exactly four. I can feel the excitement running through me. Well, I guess I’m not the only one who’s excited.

I hear the doorbell ring. Hurriedly I get up to see who it is. I’m not surprised. It’s him. His eyes are dark brown, more like hazelnut. His skin is pale; long nose that suits him. And his hair is messy which makes him hot.

I’m about to open the door and he suddenly grab my arm. I looked at him and he kisses me. I wasn’t expecting that but I kiss him back. I realize that the front door wasn’t the best place to make out so I laugh a little.

“Not here!” I know that was not the good way to interrupt but it is too late to take it back so I just continue, “Ohm... but my bed is ready!”

He giggles then kisses me again. And yes, we did that already.

After that I told him I’ll meet him at nine. Then I hear a beep from my phone. It’s my best friend, Julia. “Meet me at three! Same place!” The place she’s talking about is the coffee shop near the building where she works. The building next to it was a support group for the cancer people. No one asked her to work there but she chose it herself. I asked her once a silly question about that.

“What’s the sense of taking care of people who are going to die anyway?” she answered my question with a sigh and told me “That’s it! Since they’re going to die anyway, why not make them feel special? Make them remember happy memories and you’ll never understand the happiness it gives you when you see them treasure it until they die.” I felt guilty after that.

It is 2:65 and I arrive just fine. I see her and notice how beautiful she is. Her long curly hair perfectly matches her bow. And her green eyes, pale skin, more like a teen than a woman.

She immediately notice me and I wave at her. She waves back. I sit next to her, looks like she already ordered because the coffee table isn’t empty. We exchange stories about what’s been happening to us lately. I tell her about John, she is quite surprised because we are still together. Her stories bore me but I am amazed by how her work makes her happy. Its past seven already and I need to go.

“I know we seldom see each other these days but you know that I love you okay? You are the best.” I want her to be touched because that was the truth.

“I’m happy you always find time for me but I really have to go. I need to see john tonight.” I say.

“Well what else can I do? I love you too bf.” Julia said as she giggles. I kiss her and bid good bye, she did the same.

I call a cab and tell the driver where to bring me. I haven’t stayed on the cab for like 10 minutes and bang. The next thing I know is I’m at a hospital and my blood covers my body. I see nurses dragging my bed to somewhere. What happened? Something snaps on my mind, the date! John must be waiting for me. I can’t feel my body as I cry to sleep. I wake up and find john on my side, asleep. I don’t want to wake him up. I wonder how many days I have been sleeping because the back of my neck hurts so i try to bend my neck and that wake john up.

“I’m sorry for this; I didn’t mean to ruin our date. I’m so sorry.” I say, not facing him. “No, no. Don’t be sorry, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have picked you up or what. I’m sorry.” He says.

“How long have I been sleeping?” “Two days,” he replied. “Oh,” I don’t know what to say. We hear a knock from the door.

“Excuse me, may I speak to the patient?” says the doctor calmly.

“Yes, sure sir.” says John, leaving me and the doctor alone.

“Look Mrs. Mason, I know this news will be hard for you to accept. And you might wonder when and where this thing developed.”

‘What? I am confused. Please let me understand.” I say. I don’t usually get into this kind of conversation especially with a doctor.

“We know that you got minor injuries from the accident but...” he pauses. I can feel that there’s something wrong. “When I examined your brain, there seems to be a problem.”

“What is it?” I say curiously.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Mason. You are suffering from a brain cancer which explains why your head suddenly hurts. I’m really sorry Mrs. Mason. You only have an approximately two months to live.”

Why me? Of all people who deserves to die why me? My tears begin to drop. There’s no cure to cancer. What am I going to do? Then I think of John. He would be really hurt. And Julia too. I decide not to tell them. But the good thing is I will be able to see my parents in heaven, soon. Still crying, John comes in and notices my puffy eyes. “What happened? Did the doctor hit you or something?” he asks.

“Nah, I just realize that I love you so much.” I giggle and he hugs me tight.

“Aw how sweet. Get well soon my love. By the way, I have many paper works to do. I’ll go ahead. I love you.” he says and gives me a kiss. “Sure good luck.”

I feel guilty for not telling him my situation. I just don’t want him to be hurt and his work might be affected. So I think of making him fall in love with someone else. I am going to find a replacement for myself. Better than me actually. I know that this would hurt me a lot but I rather let myself be hurt and not John. Then I think of Julia. She is not the type of girl who’s difficult to talk to, to understand and to love. I can see that they could make a great match. What am I even thinking? If John knew about this, I’ll be dead. But wait, I am going to die anyway, so what?” I can’t think of any better plan that this so I am sticking with it. How am I going to make John fall in love with Juliet in two months?

I got out of the hospital a week ago. These days, I barely talk to John. I start to avoid him since the last time we talked at the hospital. I don’t answer his calls neither his text messages. He keeps on calling me even at midnight. I know he’s worried now. So I decide to text him already, “Meet me at the coffee shop. Three, sharp.” Surprisingly he texts back in less than a minute saying, “Okay. See you love. I miss you, I love you.”

I miss him too but I am doing this for him. I keep that as my motivation so I won’t feel bad about this. I don’t have a plan on showing up at the coffee shop because I am going to set them up, John and Julia.

It is already three and I see John there. I am not going to show up. I phone Julia to go there for me and tell him my tummy suddenly felt bad. I ask her if she could accompany John for a while. And of course, she believed me. I’m sure she will be there by three since she works near the coffee shop. Then I see her in a dress. She looks cute. I can see her mouth gestures and John frowns. Maybe she told him already what happened to me. Then I leave them alone.

Days passes by, John asks me if we could watch a movie. I invited Julia over secretly. We reach the mall and I tell them I’ll just go to the bathroom. Noting I’ll be back before the movie start but I did not come back. I keep on doing that to them, setting them up, inviting them to dinner, etc. Weeks have passed. They must have dated each other for like more than five times already. I’m sure one of them fell for the other already, I hope it’s John. This has been very difficult for me. Not knowing what they’re doing without me? My head hurts like hell. I only have eight days left but with all these things that has been happening to me? I feel like I’m dead already. I will lose John, and it will kill me.

I am going to live this week ordinarily. My head keeps on aching so I decide to confine myself secretly. John phoned me awhile ago. It was his fortieth call today. I wonder what he is doing, suddenly he phones me his 41st and I answer. He is crying, I am not expecting that because I am thinking he would just break up with me but I thought wrong.

“Hey. I am so happy, so grateful you finally answered my call. I’m so sorry. Did I do something wrong that would make you feel bad and avoid me? I barely see you because you keep on ignoring me. I’m sorry I left you alone in the hospital, I’m sure that was the reason. Please forgive me. I miss you already. I am also confused why you keep on leaving me alone with your best friend.” His voice is too low, he’s still crying and I can’t help but cry too. He is feeling too much pain he doesn’t deserve. I can’t speak. I am too shy.

“Are setting us up? You keep on leaving us alone. But I don’t want that. We never dated each other. The first time you left us, was at the coffee shop. After she told me what happened to you, I apologized to her and left. After that, I went to the drugstore to buy medicine for you tummy but you never told me where you were. When we went to the movies you told us you’ll go to the bathroom. And I waited for you to get out but you never did. I don’t like her and I don’t love her. I do not love anyone as much as I love you. I feel sick these days. I cannot eat, I cannot do anything. I was thinking about you. And I just want to tell you that I am confined. The doctor said that I’m going to be just.....”

Beep. The battery got exhausted and I charge it immediately. I am speechless. I feel so sorry for him. This was my entire fault. I want to see him but how? I don’t even know where is confined. And it is my last day tomorrow and I haven’t told him my situation.

The next morning I got three messages, I check who it is and it is not John. It is his mom.



"CASS, John has passed away last night in a car accident. Please come, I know he wants to see you before he goes up to heaven. Hurry, we are in the St. Thomas Hospital."

Before I could react, I see a white light. Everywhere. Too bright I can’t even see anything. I try to follow the light.

And the light leads me to John.

Contributed by Cheska Marie D’Arcy Malleon

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  2. This is a very touching story about love and destiny. In the end, both characters died but they still remained at each other's side. Not even death can bring the two of them apart and the kind of love that they showed in the story is the kind that many people seek for and rarely finds. It's wonderful that a story like this, even though it is purely fiction, it still tells us how forever and eternity can exist with the help of undying love.

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  4. This short story is the perfect example of the existence of eternity and forever. Some people think that forever is just a word to make hopeless romantics assume and expect that love stays longer than our life. But forever do exist, in a place called heaven where people who truly love each other resides. I believe in miracles and that our fate can't be changed but we can still choose our own path and whatever we do, there is always a plan for us and we will soon reach our destination where we will spend eternity with the person we love.

  5. Many people don't believe in forever anymore but this story shows us that forever still exists and it can exist, in a place we call Heaven. In a novel written by John Green, it says that there is an infinite set of numbers and that some infinities are bigger than other infinities. The infinite value of pi also proves that forever do exist. We can all spend our eternity in Heaven with the ones we love and I find it really wonderful that the characters in the story were able to spend their eternity in each other's arms.

  6. Nowadays, most of us don't believe in eternity anymore. Some says it's just a word that bring our hopes up where we can live forever with our loved ones. However, this story, shows us the existence of eternity with these two characters. They show us that we can be with our loved one 'til death them apart. It truly is a wonderful story.

  7. This story is amazing. Well, the story really proves that eternity or forever exists. Most of us, don't believe in that thing anymore. But in this story, till death they are forever. Good job! :)

  8. It was a great story. When forever becomes a place...when forever ceases to be just a word… when it ceases to be just a measurement of time…but instead it will become a place and that will be a reflection of true love. The author did a good job in writing this short story =)) I hope you will continue to write some short stories.

    -Andrea Celina Gumban

  9. Some people says that forever does not exist and it is just a simple word. But this story changes the view of people who doesn't believe in it. Nice story!

  10. It was a great story and I would like to congratulate Cheska for making this kind of story. A story that might change our perspective about love. In this story, love is about how you much can you give for your loved ones. This is a story that proves that forever still exists even in after death.

  11. This is such an amazing story!! Forever will only exist between two people who really love each other. I hope you will continue to write other stories. You really did great :)

  12. This story open the minds of people about forever,the author prove to us that forever really exist. It's a great story! :)

  13. This is such a good story. I am happy for John and Cass because at the end they are still together. Great story. Keep it up! :)

  14. It is a cute and at the same time sad story. It is a really great piece.

  15. It's a very nice story. It shows how the author values love and optimism very much. Good job! :)


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