Thursday, November 28, 2013

We Are All Becoming Techies : Gadgets on the Loose, Every Man Going Online, Tech Bloggers Beware

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Three tech events tomorrow. ...separated by only two hours interval....This will test my event hopping skills to the extreme.

One blogger questions if I am a tech blogger.... I should have answered "I am a lifestyle blogger (so proud of it) but the companies keep inviting me to their events so there must be a good reason why they want me to write about them in my blog."

Oh yeah, I's probably because I am not just a mere "gadget" blogger like him.

Nowadays, there is a thin line separating techies from the naturally technically-inclined urban professional. Almost everybody is now online and has one or more gadgets on hand. My kids know more about the computer than me, our maid has two smartphones and both of them are android phones, and my dog knows how to play the electronic organ, operate the TV remote control,  and would even know how to answer the smartphone if the keypad was big enough for his paws. Lol!

I have more than three mobile phones, two phablets, two laptops, and several computers at home, not counting the many other smaller gadgets like wifi sticks, power banks, and the likes. I'm just not the type who brings all of them with me on the field when I attend events or occasions. I am sure many have a similar situation because these days, everyone has gone gadget crazy.

Yes! Gadgets are everywhere! You will notice on a busy commercial area that almost everyone is busy with their smartphones, and even the street vendor has his own affordable China-made replica of the latest models of popular brands. 

Even young kids are now given smartphones by their parents, and they become so well familiar with it that they would even teach you how to use the advanced functions.

Because of these - even little kids can become tech bloggers and they may prove to be better doing it. It will be a fresh viewpoint to be able to read the insights and reviews of a child. Maybe even more educational and interesting unlike some who use tech lingo like everyone's a nerdy geek.

Readers prefer to read articles that are straight to the point and understandable. Simpler words are better.

If I was a tech blogger, I would be a "tekkie" - who shares user-friendly technologies designed for the Pinoy noobies. I won't boasts of how good I am shocking you with terms that are not really essential to take note.

Many of us just wants a gadget that works and provides for our needs. Affordability is an added incentive, durability is a big plus. We may not want an uber mega powerful gadget that is worth more than a month's salary.

What we really want is something we could effectively use and last until we have enough budget to buy the next model that becomes available.

So the next time you refer to a "gadget" blogger for advice, be sure to check if he's just one of those who intimidates their readers with fancy mumbo jumbo techno babblings.

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  1. Yes I agree this generation I think most of us now depend on technology.


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