Sunday, November 24, 2013

Loving and Hating the "Selfie"

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Are you one of those who love taking photos of themselves using their smartphones?...and then uploading them instantly on their social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or whatever is available and accessible to your mood of the hour.

It has made history to be called as the "selfie" - that shameless plugging of oneself over the Internet for many people to see - and whether you're self-portrait depicts you as smiling, frowning, pouting, and/or using a photo filter or enhancer to create a more appealing image of yourself, the fact remains that the "selfie" you shared with the world may or may not be the real you.

Many have shared countless images of themselves online only to be scrutinized or applauded due to varying factors. But still, these "comments" may also not be the real deal.

Are "selfies" just a form of vanity gone out of control? Too much love for oneself?

If I really need to emphasize: social media networks are just the fancier side of everyone's lives (what about celebrities? Their lives are already way too "bongacious" so how come they still do "selfies"? - free and extra self-promotion) - they are not the 100% manifestation of an individual. The online world is where we upload only our best or worst moments of our lives - our raves and rants!

Like any photo-sharing social media app, even our life has a filter that allow us to manipulate it in a form that we would only allow other people to see. The rest of our emotions are tucked in and hidden.

"Selfies", whether you admit it or not, are mostly a means for others to express themselves publicly to get attention - admiration, pity, sympathy, envy, etc...- all calling out to be noticed!

While others are just getting in on the fad or trend, unknowingly it still is a call to be welcomed to the gang. In other words, its still their way of trying to blend in with the crowd and become connected or "part of the family".

Why did it became the word of the year? It only means a lot of people are constantly in need of expressing themselves freely and a "selfie" is one of the easiest way to shout out to the world that "I am here! Come and notice me!".

You may disagree with me, but deep inside you know its the plain and simple truth.

Contributed by :  Dana Maca Cain

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  1. Maybe people just like to be in trend...........

  2. Honestly speaking, I am one of these people whom they call engaging "selfies" so it will be normal for me to be affected about the message of the article itself. As a response to your article, yes, I agree for what you thought to be the most cause of this trendy "selfie". In other words you absolutely hit the mark right. And that’s a good point. But going on some of the selfie pictures included, the first picture freaked me out, for me, it was really different. I don't know why but it seems like once you saw the picture you'll be asking yourself: "Is that real?". For that picture, it made me think that selfie is really the crowd's seemingly addiction.


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