Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Top 10 Requests of Bloggers (and Everyone Else in Media)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Quickly.... from whatever comes to mind first...I search the inner recesses of my brains ....trying to tap my memories and experiences when I attend events meant for bloggers and/or members of tri-media.

The complaints, rants, and requests are all the same. Whether for print, TV, radio, or online media. There is nothing separating them anymore (OK... may be there's a fine line between tri-media and online media). We are now talking of the same people, with same goals and needs - to cover the news and share it with the world - but to get something in return. After all, being a member of the media is extremely hard work and we also have bills to pay.

Whether you want to admit it or not, each one of us wants to be rewarded or compensated for our efforts. "Hindi naman pwedeng palaging TY at libre na lang ate".

Media people (online or offline) all deserve and expect respect. They are not here to become charitable institutions. It's work for most of them. It's nice when you are acknowledged for being supportive, but it's awesome if you get to enjoy some blessings.

Here are some of the requests we hear that we hope the establishments will grant to our vigilant media men.

10. Provide a transpo service  - The venue is too far! So you need to provide me a shuttle service - Hey! I'm coming from the ends of the Earth and would need to be picked up from home or a meetup point near my home. Could you send in a limo to fetch me because I don't want to ride the crowded MRT trains or take the bus which takes forever before you arrive to your destination. If not, could you reimburse my taxi fare?

9. Give more tokens
- I didn't want to be here because they only gave me a discount card from the last event they organized. I prefer GCs please! Oh, Come on! I need to buy something before I get anything? What's that? You're giving me a mug? Pa-coffee ka na lang dear?! It's not even enough to shoulder my pedicab expense. I came all the way dressed up gallantly to attend your event and all I got was a lousy shirt? Ano ba ko walang pambili ng damit?  Pwede ko bang hingan din ang fellow blogger ko?

8. Put their name on the VIP list - I RSVPed naman last night ah...Mga 11:30 pm in the evening. Why is my name not on the f*ckin media list. Wait! Why is it not on the VIP list? Don't you realize I am a top "blagger"? Do you know who I am? Kakalabas ko lang sa TV kagabi ah!

6. Please give more food to sample - How can I properly review your food if you only gave me three slices of pizza? Hey! Can I have an entire bowl of that salad with all the different types of dressings on top?  Kailangan kong mabusog bago ako makapag-decide if your resto deserves my thumbs up! Pwede ba take-out ko na lang yung mga left-overs para sa aking doggie?

5. Provide more gadgets to review - I would loved to review your gadgets pero pwede bang freebie ko na lang yung high-end model. Bigyan mo pa ako ng isa pa at ipapa-raffle ko sa mga followers ko. Pwede ko rin bang bigyan ang fellow bloggers ko?

4. Allow latecomers and earlygoers - I will attend your event but I will be late. I don't want to socialize with the early birds so I can be seen only with other top "blaggers" who are also fashionably late. Uwi rin ako ng maaga kasi baka kwentuhan pa ako nung gusto magpa-inite sa events ko. Nagpaparining ba naman na gustong sumama sa power team namin.

3. Please allow a companion - It's boring to go to an event when you're all alone kasi eh. Mas sikat ako kung may sexy akong companion.Wala lang napulot...I mean...nakilala ko lang sa isang event dati. Para makakuha rin siya ng token mamaya - ibibigay niya sa akin later para ako ay makarami.

2. Invite my other blogger friends - I would like to recommend top blagger friend number 1 - highly influential blogger yun at very in demand - may nakasampa na ngang demanda laban sa kanya. Please also invite top blagger number 2. Panay ang guesting niya sa TV bilang mascot ng mga celebrity kasi nakakatawa ang face. Isingit mo na rin si top blagger number 3. Wala lang, type ko lang ang abs niya na naka-display sa everytime nasa beach travel kami.

1. Give/Send me a soft-copy of the press release
- Damn, it's too hard to think on my own. I need to copy paste the article so it would be easy for me to blog about the vent. Change ko na lang ng kaunti, lagyan ng kaunting palabok at the beginning, kaunting spaghetti at the end at tambakan ng maraming photos sa gitna.

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  1. Really bloggers complain about these? *smh*

    numbers 9,8,6,5 and to some extent number 2 are like unbecoming of a respectable blogger. They're becoming 'token greedy' na.

  2. Habang binabasa ko yung ilan sa items, napapaisip ako kung ganyan na ba talaga ang takbo ng blogging world. Part of me concurs. Oh well... Land of bondage, Land of the freebies na nga ata. :|

  3. I'm a blogger but never did I demand anything. I'm sorry but I disagree to most of the items in this post.

  4. Ang galing! Napunto mo! Nadescribe mo yung sarili mo!

  5. I dare not to call them bloggers but more like leeches!!!!

    1. at ikaw hindi ka leech? lagi ka ngang may +1 sa mga events kahit hindi naman nagpapadala ng +1 e. wag ka magmalinis ate. parepareho lang kayong mga linta.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. uy wow! I'm flattered, kilala mo ako kahit hindi ako sikat na blogger,infairness, binabantayan mo ako para malaman kung may +1 ako. lol!!!
      Tapang mo magsalita,tapos naka Anonymous ka naman! LOL!!!!

    4. Ok ng anonymous kesa naman isang WALANG BREEDING NA BLOGGER tulad mo. LOL!!!!!

  6. Hmmm... That's just heartbreaking, more so to a newbie blogger like me... Nawala na yung essence ng pagba-blog nila kapag ganyan... (Though I haven't met any blogger who's like that yet)

  7. It sounds like more of a demand than request...
    I guess, there is a better way of asking anything of these all.

  8. wag mo kaming igaya sau! ikaw ang mahilig umattend ng event taz gagamit kapa ng iba! Wow at madali mo lang naisulat ang top 10 kc ikaw mismo gumagawa nito! ur a shit!

  9. Almost the same as this blog post:

    Sino kaya ang ng-gaya?


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