Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jeane Lim Napoles : You Are So Hot! You Are Jampacked with Awesomeness!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Mother scammer Napoles' daughter's party... Lookey-lookey at the video below how they spent their so-called billion-peso kickbacks... Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!
That's our hard earned money via tax... amp! I vote for tax revolt... scrap PDAF!
Though a tax revolt sounds nice, it doesn't do a lot for those of us whose taxes are automatically deducted from our paychecks before we get our hands on our own money.

What I'm wondering is that does Jeane ever know where her parents got the money? If no, then I wonder how will she feel and what will she do if she found out?

But if yes and she deliberately did it with her parents, I'm guessing she can be arrested as well, now that she's 21 (so I'm guessing the good thing about this video is that it shows she can now be, well, arrested. Nyahahahahahaha! XD).

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"This b*tch ain't no generous! She spent our national funds and threw a party like this while some of our people are craving for food! F*ck her! Hopefully, she'll be dead sooner!"

Their family even the daughter HAS NOT been proven guilty of stealing from governmentt coffers, okay? So chill ! The more you hate JUST PROVES how JEALOUS??? you are... Ahhh, so easy to lynch mob, no?
Let the evidence talk first before we pillory this family... The matriarch is allegedly an 'enabler', darn it. Let's zoom on the senators and congressmen... their the MOST usual suspects, that's where the paper trail starts and ends... let see "Boy Tuwid Na Daan" if he can gather enough balls to finish this... it will be just like the Customs, where his 'trusted aides' can't make a dent on the "Untouchables"... serve up the 'whistleblowers' please.

We're not sowing hate here and expressing it doesn't mean we're jealous either (what are we ? 12 years old?)... When Marcos and his cronies thrived and bled our country dry... all were circumstantial evidences. It's a good thing 6 brave whistle blowers came out and now are the ones being persecuted... and people want us to be fair?... tsk-tsk-tsk such ahhhpathy...

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  1. alisin mu na yang alahas mo at ibigay sa mhirap..

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