Monday, July 29, 2013

The Immortal Huntress


Wazzup Pilipinas!

She is more than just the twin of the sun god, Apollo. She is more than a wildling, preferring the company of the woods and forests over the luxurious life in Mount Olympus. Her name is Artemis, the goddess of the wild, the Moon and the hunt.

Because of her independent and willful attitude, there is a big chance that she is misunderstood by her fellow deities. She is adventurous, boyish and fierce. Her symbols are the bow and arrow, She is the goddess I admire the most.

Like Artemis, I love adventures. I love experiencing new things and I want to make most of my life. If I was immortal, I will make sure I had been in all the corners of the world. I wish that I too could enjoy life freely and do as I wish just like Artemis but reality keeps me grounded so all that I’m left with is imagination.

Another thing I like about Artemis is that she is a protector of girls like me. In some stories, she saves girls who are almost attacked by men, making her a protector of maidens. She is also chaste and celibate although once she had loved a man named Orion.

As the counterpart of her twin, Artemis is the goddess of the Moon. This gives her a kind of mysterious beauty. She has the ability of turning her deceased loved ones into constellations in the sky.

Anyway, with all these adventuring, Artemis probably has no permanent companions. This can result to loneliness and need for a true and loyal friend.

There are many similarities between me and Artemis. It shows that even gods can be humans too. It is amazing that people of the olden times even made up stories which they believe in so much that they worship them for real. But even if the gods are just myths, their legacies and stories will live forever.

Contributed by Audrey Almanon

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  1. I feel the same way, Audrey. As usual, I see no grammatical errors or incorrect usage of words. And that's a compliment. :) Love the photo! :) Love you even though you might not read this! :)

  2. Hi Audrey :)
    I would like to say that I certainly agree with you. Artemis is an exceptional goddess anyone could like, I guess, because of her unusual characteristics stated in the article. That is why she is my second favorite goddess, of course first is Athena xD
    I really like your article about her and I guess it should be spread for others to know and appreciate her :)

  3. I agree with all the idea and thoughts present in the article. I would like to congratulate you for not having grammatical errors or improper usage of words. Hence, you used the most appropriate words for describing Artemis. Moreover, the photo of yours made your article unique among all.

  4. I like the way you introduce Artemis and I love your photo. Just like you, I like Artemis because she is good in arrow and bow and everytime I heard the name of Artemis, a beautiful huntress pop up in my mind.

    kimberly osana

  5. I like the way you introduce Artemis and I love your photo. Just like you, I like Artemis because she is good in bow and everytime I heard the name of Artemis, a beautiful huntress pops up in my mind.


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