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Ganso Shabuway Has More Reasons to Make Your Tummy Happier!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you know where you will find a hot spot place to enjoy this cold weather? Why not go to the Ganso Shabuway Japanese restaurant nearest on you?

They have branches in Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall and at the Albang Town Center. But wait! - they have a new one at the East Wing of EDSA Shangri-La Mall in Ortigas! Now, that's awesome news!

Ganso Shabuway is also now offering a new variety of menu to make your tummy happier than ever!

I got so excited after I got an invite to try out the new menus I felt I needed to bring my wife along to share the excitement - share the blessings!

After all, Shabuway is a coined term that means "the road to shabu-shabu for shabu-shabu lovers." So I tagged along my "lover" on our way to a Japanese treat!

The ambiance is quite pleasing to the eyes, but the floor areas of the restaurant spaces at the East Wing of EDSA Shangri-La Mall seems to be smaller in size. But they do have an extension outside - meant for the smokers perhaps coz the other restaurant setup has the option to aircondition the main portion while keeping the extension area open.

They announced it as a sneak peak (shouldn't it be "peek"?) from their invite but I guess it's no typo coz we surely experienced a "peak" in our gastronomical cravings as each and every dish came out from the kitchen.

Even without looking at the menu, the first dish was distinguishably eggplant and tofu with a sprinkle of sesame seeds plus some sweet sauce poured on it.

I was not hungry at all, but we devoured the Nasu Miso Itame like there was no more meals coming out soon.

The Beef Wonton is deep-fried wontons stuffed with beef, pork, mixed vegetables and vegetables. It's already great tasting even without dipping it in its sauce.

The next dish, the Beef Gyoza,  was only different based from how they were cooked, the first one was deep fried and this one was steamed then pan-fried. I have always preferred the taste of deep-fried rather than steamed so I am biased to the first one.

The Chicken Karaage is marinated fried chicken served over slices of squash. The chicken was not so crispy but it was definitely tender to the bite. A squeeze of lemon offered a tangy taste then combined with the cute miniature tomatoes and a bit of squashed, it tasted spectacular.

I would like to imitate this recipe at home since I am a chicken lover.

The Tuna Belly with garlic butter and yakiniku sauce was one of the dishes that we also couldn't resist eating until its all gone. You can't go wrong ordering a tuna belly dish but the one at Ganso Shabuway was extra special in taste.

The crispy Ebi Tempura served with mixed greens and dipping sauce is called Ebi Fry. The prawns were big unlike from other restaurants where most of the length is made up of breading and not exactly the prawn. It was so filling that I remember this was the point in our dining experience where we were already feeling quite full.

There was another Ebi Fry, but this time it was served with rice and dipped in sauce with some veggies like carrots and stuff I couldn't really distinguish.

Similar to the first Ebi tempura, it didn't fail to impress me.

The Beef Curry and Beef Yakiniku have the same US Angus beef topped on rice with sesame seeds. One just uses yakiniku sauce and the other one with curry sauce.

and of course Ganso Sabuway is not a shabu-shabu restoo if not for the Shabu-shabu!

When asked, I said it was perfect! a pot filled with a variety of veggies, mushrooms, noodles and meat. The shabu-shabu pot would normally contain almost teh same ingredients used in the previous dished like Nappa cabbage, carrots, Enoki mushrooms, spinach and a lot of other delish stuff.

So what's the verdict? Can't our smiles easily show how Ganso Shabuway faired?


So maybe my legendary trademark "thumbs up" will clearly say that we enjoyed every minute of our stay at Ganso Shabuway EDSA Shangri-La Mall. We actually ate everything up except the rice and the rest of the shabu-shabu - since we were so full already. But it does not mean we don't like it. We would even take it home if it was possible coz I'm sure even our kids will enjoy them.

Another thumbs up to our host for the evening, aside from Timmy Ortega, who spent most of the evening in the kitchen to be able to serve us these great dishes!

So that's two thumbs up for Ganso Shabuway! If I had more thumbs I would offer more!

Learn more about Ganso Shabuway from their Facebook page:

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