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Vacation With a Little Staycation

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Summer is the best time and season to relax and enjoy moments with family, friends, and “barkadas”. This season is in time with school vacation. Summer is a very hot season where everyone enjoyed swimming in beaches and resorts. Some people were bored. Students spent almost of their time in front of the computer during summer. Some just waste a day in sleeping, eating, and watching TV. It is different in my case. I can say it was not boring at all.

I’m guilty in my forth mentioned statement. Most of my days are spent in the computer. Eating, sleeping, watching TV, and everything non-productive I should say.

On first part of my vacation, as a church server, or a sacristan, I served at the Masses. It was like everyday I am so busy. I was like going here to there, night and day. I was almost sleepless on those days. First day was good. It was the Maundy Thursday. My colleagues and I practiced then served at the mass. I got enough rests and sleeps. Then, those days are gone.

On the next days, the Good Friday and the most stressful night, the Black Saturday, same habit practice first then attend the mass and serve. I just got home late and it’s almost 2am. Those days are the most important days of the church calendar. It is called the Easter Triduum.

Then, I enjoyed the rest of my days in summer classes and UPCAT review. I can say it is my enrolment on the UPCAT review and summer class was worth it. I learned a lot of things like some techniques in answering the UPCAT. In the case of the summer class, I learned lessons in Physics and Mathematics. I met new friends of the same batch. We helped each other in our classes. 

fter those stressful days was a fun swimming at a Rainforest Park, Pasig City with my co-church servers. Suddenly, plans changed. My fellow sacristans go there just by walking with the bright and hot sun. Then suddenly we need swimming outfit like trunks. It’s a sad coincidence because we don’t have trunks just boxer shorts. We think where the alternatives are. There is a clubhouse just a walking distance also but we manage to ride on a tricycle. We got there safely. We had exact budget. The entrance fee was just 60 pesos. The clubhouse was open everyday 9am-5pm. We managed to get there 4pm. We pleased the caretaker to extend till 6pm. He agreed without any conditions. Blessed is the man. After a 2-hour swimming, we went to the 7-eleven for some snacks then spent some minutes. Then, we agreed to go home. I’m home within minutes and it’s 7pm. I experienced a whole lot fun.

That’s how I spent my summer vacation with a little “staycation”. Make every worth it and your life worth living. You only live once. Life is too short to have regrets.  What would you say? Fun right? I’m planning to spend my next summer full of fun, happiness, and productiveness. How about you? How did you spend your last summer? Is it fun? Feel free to share it with your friends!!

Contributed by Evian Thor E. Pizarro

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  1. Ella Leonida

    Hi Evian! It's good to know that you have spent your summer vacation well. Like you, Im also guilty about having a non-productive summer. Almost half of my summer vacation was wasted. Its really cool to know that you found time to serve for God or to your church. The youth should participate to the church activities just like what you did this summer and I guess you are still doing it every weekend, right? Anyway, I can really relate to your article because I really want to do the things that you did just like having a lot of time with my friends and enjoying the season just as a student should do. 10 months of stressing yourself with a lot of school stuffs, students really need a long break.

    Good job! I think your summer was wonderful.

  2. Oh, hello there Evian.You know what? I envy you because you spent your summer well. It seems that you really enjoyed a lot. I also admire how you spent your summer by doing such activities like serving at church as a sacristan also I can relate about the "stay-cation" thingy because most of my summer days were spent that way aside from going to school because of my summer class. How I wish that I spent my summer well too? though it's my summer experience is no that bad but regrets are there that I should've went there,done that and such.. but I'm really happy for you my friend because you really had fun this summer and hopefully my summer next year will be a memorable one like yours.

    Khristine Banquil

  3. Hi Evian! I was touched by your story since you offered some time serving our Lord during summer, since summer is usually spent being pampered and relaxed. Your article was great, although I could have used better word choices. Your article was fine and straight to the point. The paragraph organization was great, and I loved how you used the word 'staycation' in your title, which is not an ordinary word. I do hope you continue having summers like this one and I hope that you continue serving the Lord in your own unique way.


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