Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pro-Life Stops Once The Life Comes Out of the Womb?

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I want to share this to my readers of whom some may be the so called "pro-lifers" - those that support a pro-life advocacy thus they fight against the RH Bill with defenses that clings to religion and respect for the life of the unborn.

This was posted in Tumblr and the statement has a good point. Something to think about.

"You want to be pro-life?

Start with the kids already born. Start with the low-income families. Start with raising the minimum wage and start with comprehensive sex education. Start with doing away with abstinence-only education and do away with punishing people with uteruses for having sex.

You want to be pro-life?

Start supporting people living a life they can be happy with, a life their family can be safe and happy and provided for."

Heh, it is said about the pro-lifers that once the life comes out of the womb, they don't really care what happens to it.

Being Pro Life is being PRO CHOICE a responsible individual..why create another mouth to feed when you cannot even provide him/her with even the basic needs to survive.

Should we urge everyone to be defenders of those who cannot defend themselves, to be the bastion of strength for those who are weak, and to fight for the right to live of those who cannot speak for this right.

"What makes abortion diabolical is not only the fact that abortion destroys human life that carries God’s image; it also destroys the innate plan that the child is supposed to carry out in his life. Every child aborted is a potential teacher who will inspire her students to be the best that they can be and set the world ablaze; or a doctor who saves lives, or a nurse who will comfort her patients in their time of pain; she could be a scientist, or an astronaut, or a painter whose art lets us marvel at the beauty of creation."


But if you think otherwise, are we giving this human life an opportunity to live a life worth living if we let them live in a world where they will not be responsibly cared for?

Are we just letting loose potential street children that will turn out to be the rats of society. Young crooks that will snatch away necklaces and mobile phones from  unsuspecting victims.

I just personally a day ago some kids who did "diabolical" criminal offenses but since they are minors, they will easily get back in thew streets afterwards since DSWD or thew government does not have a procedure or facilities good enough to change or improve the street children's current condition.

The daily news always include children deprived of a good education and healthy living thus fallen to child labor or worst.

and enough with trying to link the act with God and religion. I'm sure God is not happy with both parties.

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  1. Nice post, it gives knowledge to the readers that all of us should be a responsible individual. Having a child is a choice. You must be responsible for what you've chosen. Abortion is not the answer, knowledge is.

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