Monday, June 24, 2013

Cheapest Way to Buy from the US and Ship to the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What is the cheapest way to buy a product from the US and ship it to the Philippines?

I'm reposting this lengthy but highly useful information shared by RJ David of Sulit.

He says he is sharing this because "the more brand new items that you own, the more 2nd hand items that you will need to sell, the more benefit to Sulit (Ang hindi na ginagamit, Ibenta Mo Na!). And in the future, you would also sell that brand new item that you bought as 2nd hand item which would be a rare item locally and thus adding more value to Sulit".

For the last few months, I've been doing a lot of experiments with more than 2 dozens of grouped packages of different sizes and price points shipped from the US. And I'm happy to inform everyone that I never lost a single package or item (worst case was that I bought the wrong variant which was already a user error) :)

All in all, I can group the different ways into 4:
1.) Buy the item, pay the international shipping, no inbound taxes paid on purchase, pay the inbound taxes here in the Philippines if customs will require it
2.) Buy the item, pay the international shipping, pay the inbound taxes on purchase
3.) Buy the item from a local entity that can buy the item for you (payment includes the cost of the item, cost of international shipping, cost of inbound taxes, and cost of the service)
4.) Get a custom US address from a freight forwarding consolidator licensed locally, buy the item, pay the shipping to your custom US address, pay the international shipping

After experiencing the different ways of doing this, I've concluded that #4 is the cheapest way of buying items from the US if you are a regular buyer.

If you are a one-time buyer, #1 or #2 are good options (#1 is risky as it can end up for your item being held in customs and you have to personally retrieve it after paying the computed inbound taxes unless you use DHL or Fedex which can deliver the item to your doorsteps and collect the taxes on behalf of customs).

If you are a one-time buyer and you are looking at peace of mind, #3 is a good option but it is the most expensive of all options.

For #4, I'm using My Shopping Box: with a total of 9 groups of packages successfully delivered and another 2 on its way.

Hope this helps all those who are looking to buy something from the US :)

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  1. Hi do you have experience or do you know info regarding option 1 using a provincial address?

  2. Hi Guys,You can shop from any US online stores and have it shipped to your address. Unlike other stores, they double the price or naglalagay ng “patong”. They are very transparent, whatever price you see, just add 10%.Californila only charges the shipping fee and a 10% Personal Shopper’s Fee which covers their handling, customs fee, etc. I also got a P250 off coupon “CHRISE17″, you can try if that will still work. I got my items in just 8 days from the USA! Goodluck guys!”

  3. Sky, which "they" are you referring to? sinong 10% lang pinapatong di mo na mention?

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