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My Husband's Lover Strikes a Religious Nerve

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"The GMA 7 program “My Husband's Lover” has prompted the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines' Episcopal Commission on Youth to call on television producers and writers to be more discerning in the themes used in shows, especially if the program's topic deals with public morals and values.

Now on its third week of airing, “My Husband's Lover” deals with a homosexual-extramarital affair."

I don't really think there is something wrong with the soap opera. Some of my friends watch it every night and in their humble opinions they say the show is tastefully and carefully done. To be honest, I feel like the producers and the writers are kind of holding back because maybe they are taking religious and moral values in consideration. What's the plug of MTRCB about "PG" and "SPG" prior to the airing of every show and in between is for? Display? Of course there is a purpose, right? The time slot of the show is also too late that for sure many of the kids are already sleeping. It's the responsibility of the parents to guide their kids if in case they allow them to stay awake late at night. Though I have nothing against the church, I think they're just over-reacting.

The CBCP should try watching before they judge prematurely. I bet even the Catholic priests didn't find time to watch before reacting. The show has plenty of stories to tell that are worth taking into consideration as life's lessons. 

In the said drama, the character of Tom goes to church and prays that he be guided with the decisions he makes because he knows his actions are wrong. He conceals his real feelings for the love of his family - that is one of the few lessons you can learn.

Another segment: The character of Dennis was attacked brutally when he wanted to hang out with a guy he only met that day --- lesson learned? : don't easily trust somebody just because he is good looking and smiles at you.

The show in its entirety is turning into a profound story which hasn't even climaxed yet, so watch out how the writers are going to make things right, appealing  and morally right based on the standards of many (hopefully).

I am a Catholic too but I don't support "witchcraft" shows for am aware it's not appropriate to believe in this kind of craft...BUT for My Husband's Lover, I don't see anything that will confirm that they violated GOD's commandment as it simply tackles the feelings of those we considered as third sex. The third sex are human beings too who needs our concern and respect. GOD created us to love one another and not to discriminate others. It is so sad that these people would experience such treatment because only GOD knows who sinned and aren't a sinner. Thanks to GMA 7, if not for this series you may not be aware that they suffer a lot.

The show portrays what could be a probable reality that is happening right now but however good it is I'm still not watching this show. 

I have to do that so I can look forward to more positive shows that the next generation can better look up to - something inspiring and wholesome. I want shows that can upgrade the lifestyle and mindset of Pinoys. The monotonous "kabit", "ampon" at "higantihan" stories, are different characters but same plot and stories that were just twisted and enhanced a bit. 

It is so sad that our writers are somewhat running out of ideas that they had to resort to the sensitive realities of life that many people are saying it's best to be hidden from the eyes of the youth that may truly be exposed to an unappealing reality. I believe we need to surround our kids with positive vibes. Even though the other side truly exist, we still have hopes to change it if we envelop them with love rather than the harsh realities. A positive outlook in life leads to a more productive future.

Religion also bears no hold in the way we should think or act. The CBCP or any church or religious group don't have to manipulate us like puppets. Not just because the church said that it's wrong doesn't mean that they're right. Each individual has their own different perspective of morality. Thus, one must retain an open mind to deal with this situation. Problem with us is that we strongly value what others say rather than our own personal thoughts, making us diverse. Well, there's no stopping the church from doing what they want. After all, they hold a high position. Cliche though, hypocrisy is screaming once more. I can sense it.
The usual reply of those who want to fool others is this: He who depends on his own reason is arrogant. I believe that more arrogant is he who wishes to subject another’s will and dominate all men. More arrogant is he who poses as God, who pretends to understand every manifestation of God’s will. And exceedingly arrogant or blasphemous is he who attributes to God everything he says and desires and makes his personal enemies the enemies of God.

I don't think that any religion or representatives of a religion has the monopoly over morality. Not because you disagree on something means its automatically wrong. Get off your high horses CBCP! You do not get to dictate what's "moral" or not over people that do not belong to your ranks.

May patayan, kabitan at kahalayan sa ibang teleserye. Pinagbabawal iyon sa Ten Commandments pero bakit iyon ay hindi inirereklamo ng Simbahang Katoliko? Aminin man natin o hindi, maganda ang motibo ng CBCP, pero parang boomerang na babalik sa kanila ang komento nila dahil sa dami ng isyung kailangan nilang ayusin sa mismong bakuran nila.

Perhaps the issue of homosexuality hits too close to home for some of them...hehehehe...hindi nga naman nila pwedeng suportahan ang isang teleserye that deals with priests and altar boys, for example.
"Clean your own backyard!  I say to the Catholic Church which is believed to be the home of homosexual priest! Hypocrites!!!"

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