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San Juan 2013 Wattah Wattah Fiesta : Harmless Fun or Anarchic Thuggery?

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San Juan City is the smallest city in the heart of Metro Manila. It is among the smallest political subdivisions. They celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist by throwing water to each other, and to the rest of the passer-bys going through their city enroute to another destination. The tradition is meant to replicate the baptism done in water by St. John the Baptist according to the Bible.

The fiesta was only christened Wattah Wattah in 2001, when it was under then Mayor and now Senator Elect JV Ejercito. The fiesta even has its own jingle now that goes like this: “Wattah wattah kay San Juan Bautista halina tayo ay magsaya, Wattah Wattah kay San Juan Buatista magdiwang tayo para sa kanya.” In 2006, the Department of Tourism recognized the Wattah! Wattah! Basaan Festival as one of the most celebrated fiestas in the country.

Many try to avoid passing through the city during the fiesta, but to those who have no choice suffer the consequence of getting wet involuntarily. Not my way of having fun.

Merrymaking is one thing but blocking streets to force vehicles to stop borders on criminal!

Even worse - how can then opening car doors or lifting open window covers only to forcefully douse the occupants be harmless fiesta fun?

A City Ordinance stipulates that people may also refuse to be drizzled with water and may be excused from participating in the festivities. But some of the hundreds of merrymakers on the streets of San Juan are uneducated of the ordinance and insists to do their insanity just for fun.

The city has also imposed a rule that revelers may not use dirty water, ice cold water, or hot water to douse people. No water balloons, ice water, or water pump, too, as these may be hazardous when it hits people.

Looks more like felonious assault!!!

"Ang tao kasi pag nakaranas ng laya eh umaabuso"

Aren't local authorities proportionately liable when they allow these anarchic acts?

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  1. I once already experienced to get wet because of this festival. I remember at that time I'm just planning to go to a friend of mine at Antipolo. I didn't know that it was San Juan day.That time I was wondering why are there lots of people gathered outside their houses.Things just became clear to me when someone throw a liter of water at me. I was really shocked. Well, I admit the water was really cold and I didn't brought an extra shirt.I was just shocked but I didn't get mad. I just enjoyed the day.It's their part of long-time tradition.But It's a fact that not all people were the same, maybe unlike what I did some people: specially the busy ones doesn't enjoy being wet during wattah wattah day!.

  2. I, too, experienced getting wet because of this festival. Me and my cousins really went to San Juan for this. Though we have a relative in San Juan, we prefer to stay on the streets rather than eating, haha. Busy people may find this festival annoying and chaotic and it may cause them delay going to their works, but for me, traditions are traditions, this is one of the things which makes our culture very rich. I agree that some people abuses their freedom in doing so, but still, this festival is a lot of fun. :)

  3. i want to experience this kind of festive in the PH. wish i could join next year :)))


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