Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Philippines Reborn for a Better Tomorrow

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This is a statement coming from a Facebook friend which gave me sort of some shivers within. Not because its a dreaded wishful thinking of a hopeful citizen of the country but because of the admirable vision she wishes to impart to others though I feel its not really a priority of many who are only doing advocacy and charity work for show.

It is quite a challenge to motivate people if they see nothing to gain from the effort.

Every action has its ulterior motive, whether they admit it or not. It should be admitted and not denied because everyone wants something in return.

Read on and as she said "keep the dream alive!"

This generation that shall move in united independence, in their own lives and collectively, towards the one vision that we uphold of a better tomorrow: A Philippines reborn.

We dream of a Philippines free of Financial and cultural shackles, whose citizens live in dignity and abundance. Our nation of people filled with love for family and faithfulness to the law, our nation of single vision and trustworthy governance, our nation of progress and sustainable development. Our nation that provides us with ample health services, education and protection from any and all that would take advantage of our inherent kindness.

We understand that this vision is no simple task, and for it to come about requires courage on my part, to be that Filipino of steel moral fiber in this time of greed, to be the bearer of my vision as a beacon of light in this time of disenchantment, to carry the love of my country proudly on my breast, and bravely be counted as one of those who began it all. Today, I am the one. Tomorrow, in the light of my Philippines reborn, I am the people of the new republic. I have in my bag, a rock that held down the paper of ideas of my group. Now it is the rock from which I build my personal mission to help my country, because I love it.

Post script: I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something is happening right now.. –little mermaid Haha.

_blast from the past : Multiply March 25 2010

as an added agenda: ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! amen :)

keep the dream aliiiive!

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