Sunday, June 30, 2013

At Home In Another World

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I was at home, in the land of Berkel, fighting as an assassin and protecting the child of Light. Sometimes, I would venture out as Regret, the Seed of Chaos; The One of Unknown Origin.

Sometimes, I was Jaden, the middle child who wears a mask to hide his true potential in fear of the past and future of his family.

There came a time when I was Jade, the mischievous extremist who would go through all lengths just to fulfil her promises, even if she had to surpass death.

Virtual Reality, RP Games and my own imagination allowed me to live to these feats, and though I didn’t own the characters created by the game producers (like Regret of ZENONIA), I was able to live out their lives right at home, making the world I am currently in far more interesting to feel the adventure at my fingertips than the dull summer days of anticipating adventure but achieving nothing but a lot of lag time.

My mother often found me playing on my tablet and after a few days, typing away on her laptop. Though it seemed like a total waste of time to her, and the rest of the people at home, summer had bloomed into an exciting escapade.

As an RPG gamer, I played games that took not only my time, but also my energy. But not once did I get tired of it and saw it as a wasteful activity. My novelist side made sure of that. I saw it as an opening, a plot, an idea and a story for me to create, interpret and voice out.

Because of this, I was able to achieve writing a four chapter story, four pilot chapters, two supporting chapters and over twenty different characters from stories that are not yet finished. Though summer wasn’t enough, I was able to compile ten ideas for twelve different story lines. This is an achievement, as well as a burden, for a writer like me; an achievement because of my fruitful gaming and imagination and a burden because of the numerous ideas that prioritize my brain.
Also, I was able to create a lot of new characters that are in a different genre from my previous choice of characters. It was rather surprising since I never expected myself to actually create and use these characters for my stories. However, I really did enjoy mixing and matching them, as well drawing them. It really urged me to continue writing and playing. 

Being a writer takes a lot of patience as well because I often experience my Writer’s Block. Still, this is the first time in my writing history that I had so many ideas in rapid succession, so I guess it’s not that shabby. All I needed to do was grasp information from different stories, interpret it, blend it together and form my own story.

Although I hardly left the house, my thoughts had travelled farther than the Pluto and my memories spent their vacations in places far more exciting than beaches and amusement parks. I guess, all it took me was a little imagination, but what really made each one of my summer achievements possible is the fact that I spent countless of hours playing games and interpreting them. It really pays to be creative, observant and patient, even though I’m still at home.

Contributed by: Jeanine Tamayo

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