Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ateneo De Manila University : Proud to be Somewhat Atenista Even for a While

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A month and a few days has passed already when we first started with our review class. At first you’ll think “I think I want to go home, maybe they’ll eat and I’m scared” or “I’m excited to meet new friends!” Any of the two, we knew it’s going to be a new beginning towards a new chapter in our life and in our future. In our future because its a new opportunity for every one of us in this world. But before that, a new memory will be added to our memory bank. These memories will make us smile when we think of them again.

I’ve experienced to be somewhat an "Atenista". I was not a student there but a student who had an opportunity to enter the campus of Ateneo. I’m a 4th year high school student who had a chance to enter Ateneo for review classes. Eventhough it was just a short period of time, it’s enough to observe what life of a college student could be.

The Ateneo de Manila University is one of the best universities in the Philippines. When you hear the word Ateneo, the first thing that comes to your mind are rich, intelligent and popularly known personalities in society. But there’s a lot of ordinary students in there that are not known but can still be considered a student to be proud of. There we’re also scholars student like me who needed help from the government or sponsoring institutions.

At first, I thought it would be hard to adjust and meet new friends. But in the review class, I met several kinds of people - a quite one, cool one, a funny and a joker one, a studious person, a serious person, an irascible person and a cute couple. In short, different personalities are there.

As each day passed, unforgettable memories are the memories that we can take home with us. Like, one time before going home, the rain went down unexpectedly. We decided to run out of the campus to go home. While running under the rain, unstoppable laughter was all you can hear. But in every memory, there’s a certain person you’ll never forget, people that you're happy that they've been a part of your life. 

Summer is not only about having a vacation, spending time with friends and family, and to rest from studying by staying at home. Summer is also about the memories that are unforgettable even until the end of your life.

Memories that will forever be a part of your life. Memories that you want to share with your friends, loved ones and to your future daughters or sons. So, enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy every day and every hour of your life. It’s not like the end of the world but a new chapter you want to start on again.

Contributed by Kay Sabordo

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  1. Earlier that time, I also attended the summer review on the same place, in the same room with the same teacher as you do. I had enjoyed my stay and I didn't even feel I was in a review class. The review was very educational and fun. It's kinda disappointing that we didn't get to be on the same batch (I was with the other Pascians : 1st batch).

    I agree with your statement "Summer is not only about having a vacation, spending time with friends and family, and to rest from studying by staying at home. Summer is also about the memories that are unforgettable even until the end of your life. " Summer is fun, relaxing and should be very enjoyable; yet, it is not that bad to spend a fraction of your summer in preparation with the hardships we are about to encounter once we set foot on the school.

    The ideas were well arranged in your article although there is a handful of errors in grammar and sentence construction. Overall, your essay is great and worth reading...

  2. I enjoyed to visiting your blog. April


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