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Anime: Let's Go Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I bet you know what anime is, right? and I bet you can list down right at this very moment some names of characters from "One Piece", "Naruto", "Katekyo Hitman Reborn", "Kuroko no Basuke", "Shingeki no Kyojin", "Hetalia", and the newest anime, Free! and so I am assuming you guys can answer trivia in these animes.

Filipinos, young at age or young at heart, are quite fond of anime(anime-cartoons in Japan) these days. Even I myself is fond of it. My friends and I even choose some characters and call them "OURS" and it's fun, you can do it too guys. We even go to cons (cons- conferences of anime or cosplayers or toys) just to see our favorite anime characters get cosplayed.

Several people now know what One Piece is. Now, here are some questions if you really do know it.

* Who is the author of One Piece? hmmm??? can you guess who.
* What's the name of their crew? easy right?
* lastly, who is the main character?

Easy right?

Those are just some questions, we otakus (otakus- anime lovers) should know.

[ You are free to answer ]

Moving on, have you hear of the name Reborn? Can you guest what Reborn looks like? Well, he's no ordinary because he is an infant! But wait! there's more! He's a tutor to a future mafia boss! He's going to train him so he could lead the Vongola Family (name of the mafia) well and at best. The mafia boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi is the protagonist of the story. He's a clumsy, idiot, and a lazy fifteen year old guy. He thought that he's just one of the many, an ordinary kind of person but Reborn's sudden arrival put an end to his old peaceful and boring life. At first, he doesn't want to be the mafia boss of the family but later on as he met his comrades which he calls "friends" he decided to become strong so he could protect them and his own family. He encountered many challenges but his intuition and determination helped him to win many fights.

[credits to the owner of the picture:unknown]

Here is a list of the members of Vongola Famiglia:

Sawada Tsunayoshi
Gokudera Hayato
Yamamoto Takeshi
Hibari Kyoya
Sasagawa Kyohei
Mukuro Rokudo / Kuromu (Chrome) Dokuro

Though the anime contains many characters, the story is very interesting and very exciting you'll never want to miss an episode.

Want another anime?

I'll give you more!

How about Sports?

The most popular as of now is Kuroko No Basuke, a basketball anime.

The anime circles around a group of guys who excel at basketball. They are called "Kiseki No Sedai"(Generation of Miracles). The main character, Kuroko Tetsuya is a guy who is good at passing and has no position inside the court. When he was in middle high school (grade seven to nine) he went to Teikou and join the basketball club. There he met Kise Ryouta, Murasakibara Atsushi, Seijuro Akashi, Shintaro Midorima, and Aomine Daiki. They were the best of the best players but everything changed when they went to high school ( grade ten to twelve). They went to different schools and rarely meet and even if they meet they will just fight with each other inside the court.

Now, Kuroko in his new school met a guy named Kagami Taiga whom he calls his new light. He will make him the best player in Japan but as the story goes on Kuroko with Kagami wants to be the best players in Japan. Together with their new team mates, they struggle to win and practice with all their might.

Also, in the story, several flashbacks was shown. How the Kiseki no Sedai became Kiseki no Sedai, how each one of them learnd to love the game and how they became the future them.

[Midorima Shintaro cosplayer]

[credits to the owner: unknown]

Here's another sport genre anime.


not free but FREE!

It is a swimming anime that has five hot guys. It is the newest anime now and every otakus are waiting for the next episode to be released. It was direct by Hiroko Atsumi and released by Kyoto Animation. The main character, Nanase Haruka, who is always mistaken for a girl because of his name, is a seventeen year old guy who waits for his time until he become a normal person. He was good at freestyle swimming when he was ten years old but after they graduate from elementary Rin Matsuoka, his friend, went to Australia to study and he and the others also parted ways but after several years they reunite with each other and Nanase and his friends except for Rin established the Swimming Club and there began their story. It captured many otakus attention because of the intriguing story and the illustrations. As of now, it received an honorable mention in the second Kyoto Animation Award Contest.

[credits t o the owner:unknown]

So guys, Did I fill up your interest?

There's still more but we'll all lose consciousness if we try to mention them all because there are more genres to mention but here's the thing.Anime isn't just anime. It doesn't end there.It teaches us many things like friendship, love, God, family, trust, confidence, and most importantly, happiness. Yes, it also teaches us dirty stuffs, that's unavoidable but let's be honest, we're exposed to that, right? and we know what's wrong to what is right. We know how to direct ourselves, that's what anime wants to tell us "Know your limitations" If you know that a certain anime isn't fit for you, then don't watch it! resist temptations and go watch other animes. It just show that you'll someday have your time and be able to watch it.

Now guys, Now that I mention the things about anime, are you hyped up? Won't you watch even just one episode?

Admit it, it's fun right?watching animes.

So guys, Happy Watching!

By: Shanthy Ayezza C. Garcia

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  1. When I first saw the anime photo, I quickly right clicked and opened it to a new tab. Just so you know, I love anime too, but I'm not that addicted. Anyways, I like the article and its content.

  2. The writer likes anime too. Well, I'm not fond of watching animes but when I saw this article, I came to a conclusion that anime isn't bad at all. Its just a matter of appreciation and sure thing, the anime listed above are great works done by animators. I like this article because of the featured animes.

  3. Nice work Shanthy! I like that you mentioned some of our favorite animes!!!

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