Friday, July 5, 2013

ISPs in the Philippines - Money Talks - Morale Walks

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I've come across a very interesting write-up at a forum in Garena, and as a gamer we've actually known the problem (and the culprit) a long time ago already, and with this particular write-up (or more likely a complaint) it just reaffirms our suspicion and wild guess, or most probably our very educated assumption (being an IT and ECE and all familiar with technology specifically in telecommunications.

This is definitely true whether they deny it or not, or have a SMART reasoning or excuse, it all boils down to who has the most money to spend just to get away with obvious mischief.

"Here in Philippines there are a lot of other causes for latency for us gamers - the worst being PLDT - yes you read that right, PLDT is intentionally disrupting online gaming in the Philippines. I will explain in greater detail".

I assume you've experienced long delays on texting between Globe and SMART or vice versa?

I've never come across any other Telco being as manipulative towards their customers as PLDT/SMART.

As an Electronics and Communications Engineer, and having worked at several tech companies of global recognition and scope of work related to the Telecom and IT industry, I can convincingly say that the truth is out there but I could only wonder why it gets blurred and erased so easily out of the picture with some form of "magic" from this Telecom company.

"PLDT (and SMART) are actively fighting interconnect laws here in the Philippines. This is done mostly because of the mobile market but internet (and thus gaming) suffers as a result. Because SMART (and with the purchase of Sun) has the dominant market share, they are not interested in interconnecting with other Telcos, but specifically they do not want Globe subscribers to be satisfied with Globe so they will switch to SMART - this is why they are limiting the interconnect between PLDT and Globe, they are essentially throttling the data exchange between the companies. This is against the law here in Philippines but as with a lot of other things here, money talks - morale walks.

Because of PLDTs enormous power they have been able to defy the laws of interconnection and because of this keep prices up and bandwidth down as a whole in Philippines. I'm not saying that the other Telcos here are angels but at least their obey the law of interconnection. Doesn't it seem odd that Philippines is so far behind in terms of bandwidth/price for internet? It's literally 10 year behind Europe in it's current state.

It's worth noting that Globe has a stake in the worlds most powerful sea fiber. This is why PLDT is scared that if they loose their stranglehold on the consumers here that they will realize that the competitor offers a superior product."

More about the write-up here:

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