Sunday, January 23, 2022

VP Leni Robredo declines DZRH’s presidential interview

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Trolls are trending #LeniDuwag just because VP Leni Robredo isn't attending a DZRH interview not knowing they had a beef.

Marcos trolls trying to compare the presidential interviews to be conducted by DZRH and Manila Times to GMA7 and Jessica Soho, an award winning journalist, is a desperate, late, and lame attempt to bury #MarcosDuwag.

Grabe yung camp ni Marcos sobrang pathetic at desperate. 

They invited Leni to a set up interview with DZRH, a cesspool of deranged marcos supporters, knowing well she wouldn't accept it. Also, Manila Times a staunch BBM/Marcos supporter? at kung hindi ako nagkakamali, DZRH is part of PTV, a state run news channel. 

VP Leni has attended many live uncut interviews answering on the spot questions. goes to show you weren’t really paying attention to her.

Nonetheless, a lot of people already realized how coward and spineless brat Marcos is.  

Ibinabalik nila kay VP Leni Robredo yung hashtag dahil sa pag decline nito sa DZRH - Manila Times interview series.

The panelists are composed of:

Gerry Baja, DZRH
Tonton Contreras, Manila Times
Deo Macalma, DZRH
Angelo Palmones, DZRH

Their biases against Leni are well established. DZRH falsely reported before that Leni Caravan attendees were paid. On October 30 they claimed that participants in VP Leni Robredo's caravan in towns in Northern Samar were promised payment which was pocketed by organizers.

Do you seriously think they would be objective??

One of the panelist in that interview is Antonio Contreras who has has a grudge with VP Leni. That's why he's been openly attacking her on his FB account.

Tapos DZRH pa. DZRH is a known news company for making tirades against Leni at overtly BBM yung hosts. DZRH belongs to the Elizalde group whose family has long been associated with the Marcoses so connect the dots. It's an ambush waiting to happen.

And I’ll take Peabody awardee Jessica Soho over DZRH if we’re talking credibility.

Funny how BBM supporters sees Jessica Soho as biased and DZRH not. After all, it is without any doubt that DZRH has a well established bias against Leni and shows favor to BBM.  

We must put the following into context, Soho never had any connection like this with her interviewees. Contreras however had bad beef.

No wonder why BBM chose to attend this over Jessica’s. They are on the same boat, and for sure their goal is pabanguhin ang mabahong pangalan ng Marcos.

With Conteras in the panel, except zero objectivity. Naga Judge Jaime Conteras was dismissed for sexual abuse charges of his own daughter. Jaime is Antonio Conteras’ relative. It is believed that Leni helped find the girl a lawyer. So you see where I’m getting at.

DZRH even had to issue an apology over their "erroneous" report.

Let's see how they will conduct the interview. It's live anyways. No chance to edit.

For sure, with their image of favor to Marcos, he was given a lot of edge. Maybe like giving the questions ahead of time for him to prepare his speech. Tailor fitting the series of questions to help BBM achieve his goal. 

On the other hand, they have different plans for Leni.

DZRH has a well established beef against Leni and they don’t even try to hide it. But there are no clear evidence that GMA nor Jessica Soho has ill will against Marcos. 

Also, Antonio Contreras once complained to Rappler that he was receiving ads for sex toys.

Turns out those were Google ads, and therefore he was profiled by Google to receive such ads, which we can only assume to be based on his online activity.

DZRH deserves condemnation and hate for what they did to Robredo and they will pay a heavy price for hating her and smearing her since 2016.

So where is the official announcement of DZRH regarding interviews with the presidential candidates with the list of the official guests, similar to what GMA Public Affairs came out with? Nauna pa personal FB post?

Dito pa lang may idea ka na sa level ng professionalism nila.

On a mere practical perspective, I wouldn't make a big deal out of skipping the DZRH interview. For one thing, the audience reach of DZRH is quite limited in the first place.

The reason why skipping the GMA interview was a blunder was because it's GMA. A much wider reach.

Eventhough, it would be interesting so please mark another item in your calendar, the LIVE (yes, not pre-taped!) presidential interview of DZRH is scheduled on January 25, 2022, 4:00pm Manila Time, two hours before Boy Abunda's on YouTube.

Leni gives pre-recorded audio that the panel, opponents, and audience can freely pick apart and contest point by point. Si blengblong, kahit excuse letter wala.

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