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Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Bongbong Marcos and his generic and vague answers

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

I find it hard to get impressed with Bongbong Marcos' interview with Boy Abunda. Maybe it was the beating around the bush, lack of direct answers to How and What questions, or Ping Lacson just performed better and the standard was set high.

I don't like BBM at all, but decided to give him a chance just to hear If I can get a peek at his platform. But all I got were generic filler type of answers. I wanted to hear his side talaga kaso redundant and lengthy lang answers niya pero no substance. Walang alamano moment haha pero seriously I tried very much talaga makinig ng taimtim, pero waley. It's so all over the place. Although it went better than what I expected, that doesn't mean he is competent. Gusto ko talaga makita kung bakit siya laging leading sa surveys at baka naman may point pero wala talagang kasubstance-substance.

Albeit the ambiguity of his responses, some still refer to it as "articulate." Kahit ako, di ko na naiintindihan yung points due to his voluminous and digressing statements . I hope these people reconsider their decisions. They should know that they deserve better.

I hope our loyalty remains with the Filipino people and not to one person only. Our country has terrible education system just for the fact that Marcos Jr. is even an option for presidency. As much as possible, let us make knowledge more accessible. So these interviews are still a big help for us to be somehow enlightened or get a glimpse of the leaders we are about to vote for.

After all, the point of politics is to mediate decisions for society and its betterment. 

Ping Lacson's answers, if we are to compare, on the other hand gave me points to think about., and his interview left me feeling intrigued.

Also, Bongbong Marcos and his red flags (or why he won't be an accountable president) are just too alarming to ignore.

Aside of refusing to disclose his SALN, he denied knowledge of human rights violations during martial law and though he did not categorically say he rejects any ICC investigation but instead raised the issue of sovereignty considering we have our own judicial system that works...or does it really? Highly doubtful. That answer is a classic dodging style sa mga yes or no questions.

The reason why we don’t buy his unification stance is because they’re all motherhood statements. Empty. His stance on the WPS is vague and very China. 

Sabaw din mga sagot, walang detalye kung paano makakarecover ang bansa sa covid. "Revitalize the economy" napaka generic ng sagot. 

Hindi concrete plans kundi puro general idea. The answers are nothing but generics. Mema lang talaga. You can never trust what BBM says, hence his interviews are irrelevant.

What will you do with those hungry people? Feed them. Or those who doesn’t have a job? Give them. Parang tanong nung elem bakit gusto mong makapagtapos ng pag-aaral? Para makatulong sa kapwa.

It would have been good if Boy Abunda asked specific follow-up questions regarding the candidates’ general answers. We all know we need to stimulate economic growth and strengthen our healthcare system, etc. The problem is HOW, and this should be the meat of the conversation.

There was no follow-up questions from Abunda regarding the stolen wealth and human rights violations of the Marcoses.

It may seem he is saying the 'right' things (e.g. 'no to negative campaigning', 'I'm all for unity', 'allow abortion for rape victims', 'support for OFWs'). But he won't be an accountable president.

Easy to say the right things. Drawing lang yan, theory. Pero may track record ba na kayang mag-commit doon sa RIGHT things na yon? Doon nagkulang sa questioning si Boy Abunda. 

I was hoping for a follow up question about his diploma and credentials when boy abunda brought up the basic qualifications of being a president - it's a mismatch to the job role. If Bongbong can lie about his educational attainment, ano pa ang pwede niyang itago?

It was obvious Marcos merely answered questions but obviously they were merely statements. He gave wholistic answers but did not give concrete answers as to the HOW. Pakiramdam ko kinopya lang nya sagot nya pero hindi nya talaga naiintindihan ang sinabi.

Boy Abunda's questions weren't even hard-hitting. In fact, halos i-feed na nga kay Bongbong yung sagot, and yet your favorite cocaine addict was still struggling to give us anything specific.

It’s super funny everytime Boy Abunda is trying to guide Bongbong on his statements but Bongbong is still messing up!

Abunda has never been an insightful interviewer. He just "acts" intense when interviewing. Kapag si Boy ang nagbigay ng exam, walang babagsak kasi binigay na lahat ng facts at hints. Daig pa open notes. That's why these kind of interviews should be hosted by journalists, not just mere interviewers. Watching the interview only made me realize how big a difference an interviewer makes. Leave it to the real journalists please.

Boy Abunda is not Jessica Soho. He doesn't have that in-depth grasp of the issues. Though both Jessica Soho and Boy Abunda are the embodiment of the Filipino people wanting to know the Presidentiables' platforms and capabilities, if we try to base it on their set of questions rather than their media stands. Boy is too far From Jessica. He was trying to help BBM to come up with the good answer kaya nga kung minsan sina summarized pa niya ang sagot ni BBM na ewan at puro lang basic question yong tinatanong niya at wala man lang follow up question. 

I refuse to think Boy Abunda is the best person in ABS-CBN to interview candidates for the most important position in the country. Jessica Soho is a category of her own, obviously, but there has to be someone else in ABS-CBN. Christian Esguerra or Karen Davila sana.

At the end of the day, these interviews still didn't answer my question s about BBM. Bakit mo naman iboboto ang taong nang angkin ng pera ng taong bayan. Nasaan ang logic doon?

SC ruling G.R. 152154. Mismong SC ay tinawag ang administration ng Marcoses na KLEPTOCRACY.

Even if you set aside Martial Law and every sin that his father has committed against the nation, you can still give several reasons why he's not fit for the position.

And that is what makes him, like his father, a dangerous man.

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