Saturday, January 29, 2022

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Manny Pacquiao good heart is not enough to run a country

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"May part ka ra rin nyan."

–Manny Pacquiao to rape victims

No one, and I say, NO ONE should ever be blamed for being raped. NO ONE. 

Manny Pacquiao really doesn’t know his way with words. Like, every fvckin’ time he opens his mouth, he says something more offensive than the word offensive.

Wala ako nakuha. I mean the sincerity is there pero yung concrete plans wala.

He should’ve just stayed as an athlete. Sumakit ulo ko. Siya yung totoong "going in circles". Some may think he just couldn't express his thoughts. Well, but hey isn't that a requirement? Yung presidente nga natin ngayon naturingang magaling, pag nagsalita naman panay shit.

I swear it's always the religious ones who really don't value women's life and choices. Not surprised though. I can feel Boy Abunda cringing from the inside.

Manny Pacquiao justifying rape by saying "may part ka rin diyan". Ang sahol. Napakalala. His beliefs are too grounded on his faith that it is no longer humane.


Aside from divorce & same sex union, I hope PH also considers legalizing abortion as part of women's health and rights, the whole context of it– rape, women's autonomy, unsafe methods leading to deaths, etc and NOT ONLY from a religious viewpoint. Look at Manny Pacquiao who's still stuck with the misogynistic notion that rape victims are partly responsible for their fate.

WOMEN SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE ESPECIALLY RAPE VICTIMS. Imagine criminalizing women because they want to have control over their bodies.

One day. Just one day.

Also, pro choice doesn't mean pro abortion.

But let's not take the choices away from women who need it. Our opinions won't make their lives easier at the end of the day.

If you're against abortion for yourself and you stand with your principles, then good.To whoever convinced Manny Pacquiao to run, damn you! He’s our hero. He’s our boxing champ. You knew damn well that he’s not cut out for presidency. Now, he’s becoming the laughingstock of the country that he proudly represented before. 

Kahit walang nagconvince sa kanya, gusto talaga niya. Power hungry din sya eh. Famewhore. Gusto madaming title.

Di naman sa malalaos. He's already a legend. Forever na sya nasa history. Ganid nga lang din sa power.

Let's be honest here. Manny Pacquiao may have the pure heart and genuine intentions to serve the Filipino people. Unfortunately, his experiences and knowledge are not enough.

Being a good man is not enough. Over confidence in real! Presidency is not for him. I’m sorry to say but having only a good heart is not the key for the highest post in a country. 

Running a country is NOT THE SAME as doing CHARITY. It's a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY that requires open-minded thinking, social awareness, and sufficient emotional intelligence—which I, RESPECTFULLY, think he LACKS. 

But maybe if he at least had Womens studies or Gender/Equality studies in school and maybe even some Theology baka iba yung answers niya. Actually. kahit AB PolSci foundation lang would have probably made a huge difference. Passion is not enough.

I was about to say Manny Pacquiao does have the political will, but not the SKILL. But he really just invalidated the experiences of rape victims in his interview with Tito Boy. What an awful, close-minded, and insensitive answer.

It doesn't sit right with me na super(?) religious niya and talks like this. Disappointed yet again but not surprised!

Kaya he's not really fitted for the position.

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