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8 Books by Filipino Authors You Should Be Reading

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Filipino literature is known for its broad range of different genres, subjects, writing styles. The hottest topic that worries all local citizens, as well as writers, is migration to the neighboring countries in the search of a better life.

Nevertheless, classic Filipino literature is also recognized all over the world being hosted on radio, in theaters, and filmed in movies.

We have gathered the most popular books of the most outstanding worldwide known Filipino authors that you definitely need to know. Some of them will provide you with useful life lessons when some have only an entertaining character. We hope you will enjoy reading this compilation.


In the country by Mia Alvar

The author of this book Mia Alvar broaches the subject of migration from the Philippines which is a common deal for local citizens. People are looking for better places to live and work alone or with their families. They are moving to another country having nothing but willing for their places in life. The book will tell you nine short stories about three main characters who decided to leave their native land and move to the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They tell the challenges and difficulties they have to fight with on a daily basis living in a foreign country with no friends and support. As the custom writing service Trust My Paper says these stories can be useful life lessons for those readers who are thinking of moving to another country from the Philippines or wherever.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos

Joanne Ramos, the author of the Farm, tries to replenish the problem between rich and poor worlds. The book tells us a story of a poor woman from the Philippines who decides to become a surrogate mother to women from a rich society. This woman, along with her family and friends, lives on the Farm - a land that provides luxurious conditions for wealthy people. In the search for better living conditions, the poor woman moves to the farm during the pregnancy. However, the life there is far from a fairytale and she gets under strict control from the landlords. The good conditions are available only for the rich but the woman gets in a bind and has nothing to do but try to survive.

Somewhere in the middle by Francisco Douglas

By reading this book, we are going to find out the story of a girl Deborah who is Philippine by origin but has moved to America many years ago. Nevertheless, the willingness to learn about her native land doesn't leave as she knows that she doesn't belong to America 100%. Once upon a time, she received a letter where she was invited to be a volunteer in a Philippine program. However, when the girl arrives in the country, she understands that the overall picture and people are so much different from her imagination. Deborage doesn't give up and does her best to get along with the local citizens and learn their way of living.

Smaller and smaller circles by F.H Batacan

Smaller and smaller circles book is supposed to be the first famous detective written by Filipino writer F.H.Batacan. It describes a story of two Jesuit priests who decide to become real criminalists and investigate the recent murder of young guys in the city. The willingness to find the bandits is the result of the inaction of the local policemen and government. So they are sure that they are able to do it on their own with no additional resources and support from cops. According to writing service reviews Supreme Dissertations, the story keeps readers engaged to the very last page uncovering the real murderer.

America is not the Heart by Elaine Castillo

This is another book describing the dreams of Philippine people to move to the USA to find a better place to live and develop. Commonly, Philipinos raise their children in strict conditions, preparing them for a complicated and violent life. However, Hero, the main character, decides to leave her family and native country to move to America. Her relatives meet her kindly trying to help you make a new life in a foreign country. Moving to another place is always challenging and painful. To find out how to cope with potential risks and threats, you definitely need to read this book.

Florante at Laura by Francisco Balagtas

Florante at Laura is related to the classic Filipino literature supposed to be a real piece of art presented in many theaters in the country. It tells us a story of an imaginary Albanian kingdom where, as it usually goes in classic stories, the royal family fights with their sworn enemy Count Adolfo who tries to kill the family members and get a Thorne. The book has really become popular among Filipinos and remains a masterpiece until these days.

Insurrecto by Gina Apostol

This book describes the road trip of two women - a scriptwriter from the Philippines and a translator from America. They have started their trip to the Philippines in order to find out more details about the Philippine-American War from the local citizens - what were the reasons for the conflict, what events they remember most, what feelings they have now after many years the war is over. Each of the women describes the words in the individual styles sharing the insights and thoughts with one another. Thus, they write the same story but from their personal opinions and perceptions saving the narrations and details, they are supposed to be on point.

The Queen’s Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz

This is an adventurous and magical story of hidden fairy Shadow and the queen's assassin Caledon. Occasionally met, now they have a common goal - to protect their kingdom from the coming evil which they have to stop and destroy. This is a fairytale book describing how the soldiers and royal safeguards were growing up at that time, what lessons they had to learn, what skills became proficient to be considered professionals. The events within this book are evolving rapidly so the readers are not going to be bored.

In conclusion

In this post, we have collected books of different writing genres and styles. It shows the wealthy Filipino culture and extensive variety of books you would want to read till the end. These books also present that Filipino people are proud of their origin and always remember the place they come from. It is actually a great life lesson as wherever you are now, you can always go back home to your family and native land to find peace, rest, and support despite any circumstances.

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