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Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews: Manny Pacquiao is better off as a philanthropist eventhough he is homophobic

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Manny Pacquiao always quote the bible, ironically he's a law maker. Did he know that there's a separation of state and church within the constitution?

If Pacquiao aspires to be president, he should set aside his own beliefs. He can't be the people's representative if he cannot represent and express what they need. He should've remember that the citizens elect people to serve, not for the people to serve who is on power.

Even if I have nothing against his beliefs, the point is: he is a Presidential aspirant hence providing stronger arguments is expected and required.

The problem with Pacquiao is, he might be sincere, but let's be real, he's not competent and fit enough to be in the highest ruling office.

Manny Pacquiao may be the weakest candidate, but he seems full of sincerity, and may bayag din umappear sa Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews.

I’m giving him credit for showing up despite not being the best candidate for the position.

His heart is in the right place, and his fighting spirit is unquestionable. Parang mas tatakbo pang panginoon si Pacquiao kaysa pangulo. Let Manny lead the prayer.

Pacquiao could probably ace a theology exams because his answers are pure and mirrors ‘kindness’ pero this is not theology class nor values education, this is politics and governance. 

Nanatili na lang sana syang boksingero dahil doon ko sya hinangaan. Pero ang pagiging politiko, hindi ko sya iboboto!

Of course I’m not going to vote for a homophobic....even if I'm also one.

Sabi ni Pacquiao ay dumarami raw LGBTQ supporters niya and at the same time, hindi raw siya nag-aagree sa same-sex marriage. How does that work? Why would the community support someone who treats them indifferently?

The LGBTQ na sumusupport sa kaniya is giving me "I am a tree but I support deforestration" vibes.

Imagine saying that infront of an LGBTQ person who supports him (if there is actually one).

There are no words to explain with what you've said, Mr. Pacquiao. You were not misquoted. It was clearly stated that you called LGBTQ community as "masahol pa sa hayop". Tapos hindi ka pa nagsisisi.

Again, the separation of Church and State shall be inviolable. This is according to the 1987 Ph Constitution, Section 6 of Article II.

This country is not ready for the same sex marriage issue because people like Manny Pacquiao still exist. 

It is EVERYBODY’s right to love and it is the law’s responsibility to legalize it because it’s not as though loving is unlawful and immoral. 

Pacquiao can never be president if he only advocates for certain genders and not everyone.

Parliamentary or Presidential?

Pacquiao: Parliamentary 

Then why did you run for President?

Well of course it’s because we are using the presidential system...but he probably means that he wants the country to have a parliamentary system in the future if he wins. Might be done through ammending or changing the constitution for us to have a parliamentary system. But do we really need to touch the constitution?

I just want to hear Manny Pacquiao give us concrete plans. How many times must I hear the words "pagkakaisa" and "parusahan" before you give us good plans?  

I feel so bad with Manny Pacquiao. I am thinking that his money will vanish soon enough because he is surrounded by greedy people! 

I fear that he may end up like the usual sad Filipino story from rags to riches but fell hard due to misguidance & trusting greedy people.

He also keeps on making unfeasible promises (if you'll consider his capabilities). I was an avid fan before but not anymore. He got too greedy for position.If he really wants to help the Filipino people, then be a philanthropist instead. 

He is very trusting sa mga akala niya real friends niya. Kasi kung totoong kaibigan yung mga yun pinayuhan agad xa na wag tumakbo this may 2022. Kaso mo may vested interests yung mga nakadikit at nagsusulsol.

I was a fan his boxing career, and I still am. But never a fan of his political career. If the seat he occupied in the senate was given to someone who are more capable of, who knows? We may have a law that is better and more useful than what we currently have.

Ok lang sana Mayor o pwede rin Governor, huwag lang Legislative kasi wala naman sya alam dun. Lalo na pagka Presidente.

It's not yet his time, or he will never be qualified as a president. He really should isolate himself from his so-called ‘friends’. Withdraw now while his money still has a chance.

I was a little disappointed to hear about Leni's answer when asked who will she vote for. But then I realized Leni is fueled by the very same thing she sees in Pacquiao, sincerity to the people. It's a good thing that Leni is running. We don't have to choose the lesser evil among the rest.

We should realized that Bongbong Marcos should be ashamed for reasoning out na “babastusin lang din naman” kaya hindi umattend. Pacquiao had been ridiculed his entire political career pati family niya, and yet he had the guts to attend.

If may magrereason out na ganyan, I would understand more if si Pacquiao. Pero um-attend sya eh. And kudos to him, his answers weren’t as perfect, but some of his points are okay.

Sana ma-realize ni Pacquiao na kaya naman niyang gawin yung charity niya kahit wala sa public office? I mean, namimigay na nga siya ng mga bahay gamit ang sariling pera habang absent sa Senado.

Sana talaga nagfocus na lang sya sa boxing at philantrophy. Di na need ang pagpasok sa pulitika, pambansang kamao na sya. Mas may pride doon. Dami lang tuloy ngayon nawalan ng respeto sa kanya.

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