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The Best NFT Games to Earn Digital Money

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Nowadays, the crypto gaming industry is one of the most profitable niches. The demand for in-game NFT items is just huge since they allow gamers to achieve payback very quickly. Some players recoup their investments and receive a profit every month, which is ten times more than the initial investment. The most important thing in this business is to find a high-quality and constantly developing game and get your hand trained in playing it. You can find the best NFT games and detailed information about them on In this review, you will learn about the top 5 NFT games for making money.


Pros and Cons NFT Games

Like regular video games, NFT games have a number of pros and cons; here are the main ones.



      Digital Creativity Licensing Solution - Each NFT item has its own value and is located in a decentralized digital environment based on blockchain technology;

      Collectibles, fundraising, and games - Thanks to the NFT, there is a unique opportunity to create digital analogs of any physical collectibles;

      Investments and trading opportunities - Turning digital files into non-distributable digital assets creates some delivery restrictions. You can earn on NFT objects without spending too much time in a game.


      NFT hype and uncertainty - Many people believe that this is a profitable investment and that this is an economic bubble that will eventually burst;

      Ecological impact of blockchain technology - A serious disadvantage of NFTs is that the underlying blockchain technology has a strong impact on the environment.

Top 3 NTF Games

Now that you know about all the pros and cons of NFT games, let's look at the top 3 NFT games that are the most attractive for making money.

#1 - Momo Farmer

Momo Farmer is an NFT game with a lot of ways to make money. There are currently 3 game modes available in the game: Token Master, Block Brawler, and Trade Action. The first mode is quite simple; all you will need to do is to fight other players with the help of standard or purchased Momo characters.

At the same time, you can upgrade your characters, improve their skills, make your army stronger, and increase the chances of winning battles. Characters can be pumped with the help of special books, which are obtained either by completing quests or by purchasing them with MBOX coins.

#2 - Ether Monsters

Ether Monsters is a popular play-to-earn game. The game world has a huge variety of ether monsters that you will need to look for and catch and then train and turn into more powerful ones. After that, you can either sell them or use them to fight with other players, participate in tournaments, and complete quests. All this will allow you to get valuable rewards and items. The game is very popular; more than 220 thousand users from all over the world play and earn money in it.

#3 - Splinterlands

Splinterlands is the popular NFT card game where you can collect and build a powerful deck that you can then use to fight against other players, take part in tournaments, and complete quests. To get familiar with the gameplay, each new player is provided with selected common and rare cards from the Untamed version of the game.

Additional cards can be purchased at any time in the internal storage or on the marketplace. Each additional card will make your deck more powerful. At the same time, repeating cards can be combined to increase the level of the card and its characteristics, as well as unlock special abilities. In addition, during the game, all the cards you buy and improve can be exchanged, sold, and even rented to other players.


Today, NFT-based games are a new and rapidly developing trend in the gaming industry. With their help, some active players and investors manage to earn big money. In addition, in most NFT games, you can start earning even from scratch, but it will take some time to reach a more or less decent income.

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  3. Die NFT-Spiele sind Spiele, die mithilfe der Blockchain-Technologie entwickelt wurden. Sie unterscheiden sich stark von den traditionellen Spielen, da sie keinen Dritten oder Zwischenhändler benötigen, um die Transaktionen zu überprüfen. Der beste Weg, mit diesen NFT-Spielen Geld zu verdienen, besteht darin, sie auf dem Markt zu verkaufen, wenn der Preis Ihres Vermögens erheblich steigt. Leute, die gerne more info here bercedes mit erstklassiger technischer ausstattung besuchen, verdienen viel Geld durch das Casino. Dies liegt daran, dass der Preis dieser Vermögenswerte durch Angebots- und Nachfragefaktoren auf dem Markt bestimmt wird.

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