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Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Leni Robredo gets a lot of interruptions from the King of Talak

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Grabe si Tito Boy Abunda. Yesterday he was leading the interviewee. Today, he was interrupting.

Am I the only one who got irked by Boy Abunda's constant interruption? Let the Vice President Leni Robredo finish talking. 

He's not called the King of Talk for nothing talaga. Hahahaha the hidden agenda, Tito Boy ha! 

The King of Talk title is apt. He talks and talks and talks. He is not the king of talk who listens. He is simply the king of talk. So talk he does.

Boy Abunda is called “King of Talk” for a reason because he does not know how to listen without interrupting. 

From King of Talk to King of Interrupting, wag pahalata na masyadong bias. "You speak when you have something to share, especially if you're sharing something that will make this world a better place. You listen when your heart has no agenda." VP Leni speaks because she has something to share and Abunda doesn't listen because his heart has an agenda.

After watching the interview of presidential aspirant - VP Leni Robredo with The King of Talk - Boy Abunda, I just realized one thing. A journalist is very much different from a talk show host. 

The King of Talk needs to learn when and how to listen. He keeps on talking & interrupting na para bang laging may gustong patunayan. We already know he's not a good listener. Sit down, Sir. You were never the most intelligent person in the room. Well, I guess Tito Boy needs to answer his own question: “When is the right time to listen?”  The timer shld be stopped whenever he interrupts, to be fair sa candidate.

Abunda was a very unprofessional listener and did not know how to respect, listen and give time to the interviewee. The time was limited, but Boy Abunda still kept on interrupting. King of talk talaga! He talks too much. Ang daldal!

Boy Abunda tried leading back to the question kaya nawawala sa point si Leni with all the interruptions and follow up questions. Luckily, Leni Robredo thinks and slays harder. 

Is he really the king of talk? Butting in without even trying to let VP Leni finished her point. But I am happy that she retaretaliate. Basic skill in interviews: Listen to understand, not to butt in, not to ask the next question, not to interrupt.

Hindi naman kasi nya balak maintindihan ang sinasabi ng iniinterview nya. Pinapakinggan nya para mabara, makipag talo at ipush ang kanyang agenda or stance. Gusto nya icorner ang Interviewee nya today, unlike during Bongbong Marcos' na halos tulungan niya.

Very obvious. Halos isubo na yung sagot kahapon e pero dito, kinokontra talaga niya. Well, gusto niya rin sigurong lumabas ideas ni VP sa mga counter questions. off lang talaga yung sisingit habang nagsasalita yung guest. Mag workshop muna siya kay Jessica.

Helping ba yun? Eh kaya naman ideretso ni VP ang sasabihin nya without interruption. Sabi nga nya, "Give me time to enumerate".

Let’s put into numbers kung gaano kaatat ang King of Talk to interrupt VP Leni during HER interview, in comparison to BBM.

Time of first Interruption/Interpolation (Number of Interruption)

The first four questions were so-so; both got interrupted around the first 2 mins of their answer and got around 3-5 follow-up questions.

The next questions were total mess:

Soc Med

BBM - 2:18 (5 interpolations)

Leni - 1:26 (9 interpolations)


BBM - 2:07 (3 interpolations)

Leni - 1:50 (8 interpolations)


BBM - 2:19 (4 interpolations)

Leni - 2:02 (6 interpolations)

National Debt

BBM - 2:32 (2 interpolations)

Leni - 2:15 (6 interpolations)


BBM - 2:56 (4 interpolations)

Leni - 2:05 (6 interpolations)

Pres. Qualification

BBM - 2:20 (5 interpolations)

Leni - 2:01 (6 interpolations)

Not to mention the length of his interpolations to VP Leni.

Though her performance exceeded our expectations again! I just wish Boy Abunda became more professional in his line of questioning and a fair treatment.

My takeaway from tonight’s interview: 

1. VP Leni knows the country’s problems. She understands what she needs to do if given the chance to lead. She hesitates when a subject touches on faith but she’s still open for discussions naman. She knows the country's problems, they are concrete, but grand in scale. I trust in her ability, but I am still awaiting on results of these aside from humanitarian programs (magaling siya sa humanitarian na). VP Leni appears to be more confident now kahit ang daming unnecessary interruptions. Indeed, you can't keep a good woman down! Adversity reveals character!

2.This is where the help of people like Ping Lacson comes in, I like the guy, although as of now Leni is more concrete and solid in her roadmap for the future, however, Ping is experienced with the law and can help from his data driven approach.

Leni is appropriate as a Leader and Ping Lacson is ideal as a right hand man. Leni has the vision, and Ping has the integrity and realistic approach that can help it come into fruition.

3. Boy Abunda is annoying. But Leni proved her worth. She still answered eloquently and prudently so kudos to her. If we set aside the interruptions, VP Leni did better here than Jessica Soho's Presidential Interviews. A lot of points were raised on different issues and despite the interruptions, she redirected the conversation to further prove her point. That's my president.

And why do I feel like tito Boy keeps on pushing censorhip when it isn't what VP Leni is aiming for. More of self-regulation and accountability ang dapat magkaroon ang socila media platforms re porn, fake news, cults, etc. That's the point of VP Leni.

Tito Boy likes putting words on people’s mouth- one thing he cannot do to Leni because she’s too smart for that. 

Pinanindigan ni Tito Boy pagiging King of Talk. Sana next time, pwede ring King of Listening while the guest is speaking.

My question to you Tito Boy is, "When is the right time to listen and when is the right time to speak?" Lousy follow-up questions, and why is the host re-explaining and finishing the guest’s sentences? Boy Abunda is like that. He does not challenge the answers. Maybe it's not his style. But i think it's because he's no expert on the subjects to be able to do so.

Boy Abunda is maybe the “King of Talk” but Jessica Soho set the bar so high for a presidential interview. 

Tito Boy is the King of Talk because of showbiz affairs and not because of public and current events. In all fairness, the King of Talk's field is far different from a true journalist's work. it should be Karen Davila, not Boy Abunda to begin with. Davila would have been a better interviewer for the public interest because politics is not show business.

He might say he is not a journalist but an interviewer instead, still sa dami ng inaral niya to become the king of talk hindi lang man ba sia na educate the proper way of interrupting or cutting off the conversation. 

He is acting as if he knows everything.

The stark difference, Boy Abunda is the king of 'TALK' while journalists like Jessica Soho have ethos to follow. Nevertheless, Leni slayed both. 

Kasi ang background training naman ni Boy ay mostly ay mga interview sa mga artista na ayaw niya hangga't maaari na kalabanin o maka away o makasamaang loob. Kaya trained siya na lahat ng sasabihin at tatanungin niya ay walang dapat conflict na mag ensue o mamuo. Hindi na uso yun ngayon.

He had the show THE BOTTOMLINE where he tackled social issues, but still not hard core politics. It's not his core and wont even attempt to go there. Aside from showbiz, i think he likes investigative type of journalism and his show is more to present what they've researched.

In THE BOTTOMLINE, he would invite guests to share expertise on the subjects. So, i think he doesn't really aim to test or grill his guests.

Ang strategy ba ay wag pasalitain si VP Leni kasi mahahata na magaling? Parang less airtime? Kung sa basketball less playing time para hindi makuha ang MVP? Nagtatanong lang naman. 

The interview made me see who really is Boy Abunda. Opened my eyes. He is not a king, after all. Sino ba nag pa uso Kasi. Asia's King of Talk daw. Kelan ba na confer o na award yarn?

It gives you a shortchanged feeling, doesn't it? The "King of Talk" really seems to like the sound of his own voice. He's been a talk show host for a very long time now. Don't tell me, he has no idea about interview decorum? King of Talk kasi kahit hindi pa tapos magsalita ‘yung kinakausap, sisingitan agad ng panibagong hanash. bagay na bagay sa’yo ang moniker mo tito boy.

Seems Boy Abunda aims to impress rather than allowing guests to express.

Parang gusto magpa-interview kaysa mag-interview. 

Ang daming mali in just many basic levels ng King(?) of Talk ninyo! 

Nakakawala ng respeto! Malinaw na ang goal nya ay hindi ang inaasahan na maging tulay sa tama at solid convictions sa mga botante kung sino ang dapat iboto! King of talk. Hari ng kuda. Nag timer pa, siya din umuubos ng oras. 

Ending, sarili nya ang ini-highlight niya.

I used to doubt Leni, but after watching Tito Boy's interview with her, mas kilala ko na si Tito Boy.

Kung si Jessica Soho 'yong tipo ng professor na gigisahin ka during defense, si Tito Boy naman 'yong classmate mong bida-bida. Butting in without even trying to listen? Lol. 

5 minutes to answer for 1 question is too long! Dapat ang Title ng interview is.. Tanong Ko, Sagot Ko by Boy Abunda 

With the tag line, “I am the King of Talk, therefore, only my voice and opinion matters.” 

Seeing Boy Abunda’s interview tonight was my magic mirror moment in realizing how offensive and infuriating mansplaining is.

The “king of talk” inadvertently birthed the term 'Boysplaining.'- -when the interviewer interrupts the interviewee often and does more talking rather than listening

From King of Talk to King of Talak real quick. Being the interviewer doesn't mean it's all about you, dude. Kinig-kinig din kapag may time.

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