Thursday, January 27, 2022

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Isko Moreno does not favor killing life via abortion, but believes "things happen" with war on drugs

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

It's now Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's turn to face Boy Abunda for the one-on-one presidential aspirant interviews.

This is the most relaxed interview so far. Isko came prepared. He came with specific action points. He has definitely broken the "celebrity politician" stereotype. 

I love Mayor Isko's conviction when he speaks his insights. It should have been better if he provided concrete solutions to issues presented though his answers are generally okay. 

Against sa abortion si Mayor Isko because he doesn’t like “taking life” but when it comes to war on drugs, “things happen”. You know that he meant "self defense on the performance of duty".

Moreno praised President Duterte's war on drugs that supposedly eliminated drug trafficking on the streets. He said he will continue the war on drugs of the Duterte administration in case he wins as president.Tito Boy asked “will it be bloody?” Mayor Isko’s answer? “Things happen.” Narinig na ata natin yan kay Bato. "Shit happens" daw.

Moreno pointed out that he will adapt Manila's COVID-19 response to address the pandemic in the entire country. Nagbanggit siya ng endemic pero hindi niya alam ang definition. Yan ang nangyayari when you use words you don't understand to sound smart. Dalawang beses siyang tinanong ni Boy Abunda pero hindi niya masagot nang diretso.

Mayor Isko forever proving that the Philippines will never be able to separate the church and state.There are certain human rights that the church cannot and will not approve of. But we need them.

Mayor Isko to social media problem and issues: dapat kapag gumagawa ng Facebook account, you have to submit the data or to prove you identity. picture, data before creating an account.

Mayor isko block the IP address of social media companies na hindi susunod sa platforms na kaniyang ipapatupad.

"Kapag hindi nila ginawa i-block ko IP address nila, wala na silang negosyo dito sa Pilipinas"

"Hindi naman ito Mr. and Ms. congeniality. Leadership is all about protecting your people. Proteksyunan mo mamamayan mo" Moreno said.

Bakit hindi dapat iboto si Leni?Maghihiganti kina Marcos? Hindi paghihiganti ang tawag doon. Ang tawag doon ay pagbabalik ng pera sa Pilipinas at pagpapakulong sa magnanakaw. Pagpapataw ng hustisya ang tawag don. At ilang beses na nilinaw ni VP Leni na isa lang ‘yon sa dahilan.

You'll really get to know them well through these 1 hour interview each. Can't wait to finish it with Senator Pacquiao tomorrow.

Again, it is obvious that Boy Abunda is helping others, while cutting VP Leni off. I just hope it is not wrong to assume that he has a preferential treatment for candidates other than Leni.

His level of engagement is different during Leni's interview. He's trying to outsmart her for some instances like when he asked VP about difference of "ayuda" and "dole out" na wala naman talagang pagkakaiba. Pero hindi na sya nakapalag nang nilapagan ng GDP ratio ni madam.

I timed the duration that Boy Abunda talked while the interviewee was answering:

- VP Leni: average of 1 minute per alloted 5

- Mayor Isko average of 25 seconds per alloted 5 minutes

Mas maganda talaga panoorin ang mga interviews nang sabay. You get to compare which one is better and realistic. So the format of Jessica Soho's,  maybe not the actual questions, is better.

Ang habol din siguro ni Boy Abunda ay para maraming videos niya ang kumita sa views.

I can't help but notice how Mayor Isko is promoting himself as a president without saying it. His stance and style is telling you he knows his business (polo shirt, poise) but he's reachable (Adidas sneakers) and inclusive (rainbow watch). Marketing on point!

But it's still a no for me sorry! Moreno has an idea but the “how” has not been even addressed. Its like giving out general information. He is not even aware of a law or act related to environment. 

We need someone with concrete realistic visions and not someone with flowery words. 

He is a very good asset in the city of Manila. He's still young and can gain more experience, knowledge and wisdom. Manila will benefit more from him. And by the time he is ready, Philippines naman! Curse you, whoever convinced Mayor Isko to run. When Mayor Isko decided to run for President, I was disappointed because it was neither his time nor the right time. 

Sometimes ambitions can get in the way. I still believe it's too early for him to level up to the presidency.

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  1. U are truly right there, Isko Moreno is better off to be Manila mayor. He just started to shine in Manila and there are really visible outcomes in making Manila a beautiful city again, however as U mentioned he is driven by ambition, I also believe he is not ready yet to take the biggest role of the nation. If he will be lucky enough we just have to support him to make the Phils. at least similar to what he done in Manila.

  2. Who are we to tell who is ready or not? If he is well off to lead manila and as you have said he have done a great job in doing so, why not let him lead the philippines right? Much better than a jobless guy, and a self proclaimed mother of all whom both have their time in having a national position and both a complete failure in addressing real life problems. If manila is so much better in Isko's time than any of his predecessors, why not give the man a chance to do the same for the whole country.

  3. Just when you thought this blog is supposed to be objective- literally a no-no. Even if this is an opinion article, we can actually plug in for our 'bet' in better ways such as making an entire article about it. This is Isko and Boy Abunda, so the author should've focused on the subjects. We can compare with the favorites but not to the extent we bring other people down. How do we say that he is not not ready? What is the rubric for this?


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