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Aquaria: The Newest Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas

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I was very fortunate that I got invited at a special event held at Aquaria Beach Resort located in Playa Calatagan, Batangas.

Actually, I was never originally part of the event but I think I was destined to be there because everything else came into place. Would you believe I got the confirmation to join the event just one hour before the meetup? Hahaha

Yes, I quickly grabbed my bag and packed inside just the basic things like my wallet, camera, and some other necessities, and hurriedly stormed out of our home, ran towards the main street, and took a taxi cab. I was told that departure time from the meetup place was at 7:30 am so I exerted all efforts to be there. I did not even took a shower, anyway, we're going to the beach!

I smell really good! Lol!

The huge and very colorful, plus really funny looking signage was the first thing that caught my attention. It had all the elements of fun and excitement already. With that quirky font for their signage, it will be quite pleasing for both the kids and the adults.

They had a huge welcoming lobby that's perfect for large groups. You'll immediately get awed by the wide spaces.

Decorations were all over the place,and the pool area is filled with colorful ornaments that would strike fancy for the kids.

There were plenty of this cartoonish designs all over the front fences. From seahorses to crabs and a lot of other sea creatures.

Brightly colored flags of different colors were all over the place, from the pool area to the beach front.

We were served with ham and cheese sandwiches and ice cold refreshing ice teas

The hammock was an excellent attraction for us. We took turns sitting and lying on it. There were several of these hanged on the trees along the beach shore.

The cavanah was a colorful sight to behold. It provided the right shade to keep us cool and protect us from the scorching heat. It was indeed summer after all. I could still feel the heat from the sun, and when I walked barefooted on the sands.

It was a great beach! Very clear and peaceful. Less waves but enough winds for some wind surfing.

The other huge pool was enormous with a lengthy slide to boot. It was an amazing spectacle. I enjoyed the slide so much.

There was a few instructors available to teach you the basics of win surfing and balancing on the surfboard like contraption.

I preferred a seafood lunch, so I chose to eat only the shrimps, squids and "alupihang dagat" (I think but I'm not really so sure). But you can see from the pictures so just tell me what they are.

What is so sure is that I loved every grilled sea creature served to us.


And oh, the fruits were a delightful addition to the healthy the watermelon drink quenched my thirst... We also had halo-halo and some pasta with either white or tomato sauce later in the afternoon before we left for home.

The enormous slide was a sight for sore eyes....Did I used that phrase right? Hehehe

Well, anyway, the structure was so magnificent, it was like something out of a theme park attraction. I couldn't really tell how much was spent building it. But it sure must be worth several millions of pesos.

Being so brand new, you couldn't really see any flaws so far. Everything was perfect.


The organizers also arranged for a boat ride for our group where we they took all of us at both ends pass the beach property. The first end was at the location of a tower.

At the opposite end was these modernized huts located at the waters. It's no longer part of Aquaria, but they sure are interesting to look at.

There was also this floating hut that we passed by. There was an engine problem or I think it ran out of gas, but they were not really telling us why we had to stop.But instead of panicking, some of my companions decided to swim in the water already which we later discovered just only below 4 feet already. We were near the shore, and I believe it was low-tide by that time.

Wind surfing was the most ideal water activity you can do at Aquaria, aside from dipping in the beach or at the pool.

Lastly, one of my companions thought of an ingenious way to spend his time. He made this sort of Bejewelled or Candy Crush arrangements with the ornaments located on our dining tables. It was hilarious as he took pictures of it and used it as his tablet's wallpaper. Its like he's playing the game!

I highly recommend the place. It is a great choice for both beach or pool lovers. Both facilities, and the rest of the amenities at the resort are superb! Being new as well, get the opportunity to be among the first to try out the place. I assure you that you wont get disappointed!

To know more about Aquaria beach Resort, please check out their Facebook page:

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