Saturday, October 9, 2021

The "healing" president has bled his true colors: Isko Moreno is a political butterfly and now less of the man he used to be

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

A day after Leni Robredo painted the town pink, Isko Moreno has revealed his true colors. His decision to side with the Marcoses, use Duterte's rhetoric, and bash Leni of all people has disqualified him from being part of the opposition.

Isko Moreno downplayed rival Leni Robredo's stance on the possible return of a Marcos scion to MalacaƱang.

The late Marcos patriarch declared martial law in the 70s, enabling thousands of human rights abuses and plunder of the nation's coffers.

Dismissing a nation's political and historical struggle for democracy, (one that he is partly enjoying now) as an insignificant strife of petty family drama is a RED FLAG for a future political leader.

VP Leni Robredo says Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s position towards the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was one of the reasons that finally pushed her to run for president: Merong mga non-negotiables and yung mga Marcos, non-negotiable yun sa akin.

Asked what really made her decide to run for president, Robredo says: "It's the realization from the talks na mahirap ipilit na hindi naman kayo aligned. It would have been the easiest thing for me [to not run]. Ready na kong magagalit sa akin yung supporters, ready na ko doon."

“Marcos is non-negotiable” is such a powerful phrase. That is justice, not vengeance. Let us make #MarcosNonNegotiable in 2022 and beyond or until the Marcoses, whoever remains of them APOLOGIZE to the Filipino people for the crimes committed by Ferdie and Meldie.

Sorry but my hunch about him is now confirmed. He may have been the best Mayor Manila ever had, no doubt on that but it’s too ambitious or too early to run for President. His ambition has made him show his true color. His thinking, belief, and attitude all went sideways and now he's full of himself. He is just after all the votes so that's why he is trying to gain the nod of the DDS, the Dilawans and those in between by trying to campaign with the narrative that he will be a "healing" president.

His true color came out early as expected huh?! The so called "healing" he is attempting to accomplish will never succeed until there is closure. People won't just forgive and forget. Moving forward should include an admission and apology by the Marcoses with regards to how they plundered and caused chaos throughout their years of reign. Honestly, the issues about the Marcoses won't die down until there's accountability for their crimes committed to the Filipino people.

Isko Moreno is looking cheaper and cheaper as the days pass. Let’s all be an educated voter. Do not be swayed by his sweet promises, scandalous accusations and bragging of achievements as if he is a Duterte 2.0. We deserve someone better than Isko Moreno.

Many thought he was different, a good politician from how he managed things in Manila. But he became too ambitious & too eager for the highest position. And now his true color(s) is/are starting to show. Thus, the respect for him has been flushed down into the toilet bowl where it belongs.

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