Saturday, October 9, 2021

Maria Ressa winning the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize

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The Nobel Peace Prize is the most prestigious award in the world. Some of the most notable laureates are Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.,  and past Presidents of the United States. Hindi po nira-raffle lang at binubunot ang nanalo. Anybody who won means they were up against world leaders and institutions. People who wins a Nobel Peace Prize is treated as VIP anywhere they go in the world like if they visit a country, that country will be honoured to be visited by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Regardless of your political ideologies, you should feel honoured that a Filipino is in the same list as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., all of which are important leaders in history.

The laughing reaction to posts we don't agree with has become the weapon of the paid trolls, the clueless and the hateful, but in reality, they're just frustrated because they don't have a foothold on any information at all (the tedious Nobel Prize selection process, things Ressa did and didn't do), except their feelings and beliefs. While others (trolls) are being paid to do it, most are just uninformed. C'mon Pinoy netizens, be better than that!

Some people are just afraid of the truth, that when someone is as brave as her, fights for those that they believe in, and wins something as big as this... Their egos are shattered and turns into tiny particles.

But I'm sure Duterte would say something like this "The Nobel Peace Prize Award only serves the interest of the West. It should reform itself to remain relevant." Hehehe

Kayong mga umaray at gusto pumigil sa boses ni Maria Ressa ay tumulong actually na itulak para makamit niya yung Nobel Peace Prize. Sana hinayaan na lang ninyo siya magtrabaho, eh di sana hindi niya kailangan ipagtanggol yung karapatan ng malayang pagpapahayag. Kapag hindi kayo tumigil next year ABS-CBN naman ang tatanggap ng Nobel Peace Prize. Lol!

Congrats Maria Ressa! Such a great honor for our country to be recognized with a Nobel Prize. Professional journalism is so important in this day and age. Too many paid hacks and propagandists putting out what passes for news nowadays. So much misinformation and disinformation without any respect for facts. May your win inspire us to demand better reporting without compromising the truth, regardless of whom it favors. It is a good day to be a Filipino.

Sadly, the problem is still happening. Filipinos should not fear for their lives for criticizing the wrongdoings of their own government.

This post and others like it will trigger somewhat of a troll frenzy. I don't expect people to agree with our views all the time, but the troll frenzy just shows just how terrible the state of journalism is in this country, not to mention civil discourse. We don't have to like or agree with people to respect them and what they have done for the country. At the end of the day, we are all Filipinos and anything we do to bring honor to the country should be celebrated. At the same time, we're not weeding out the hundreds of obvious fake accounts that will react to posts like this - yet another hinderance to true fruitful engagement on social media. We'll just let you be but also interact or reply when necessary to enlighten.

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