Saturday, October 31, 2020

MYMP wears blackface as Halloween costume, says Black Lives Matter is propaganda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Chin Alcantara of MYMP just proudly announced to the world he wasn’t raised right. Lmao. 

MYMP defending themselves from blackface then claims na kalokohan ang Black Lives Matter (BLM)?

OMG MYMP. That black face as a Halloween costume? All lives matter?

Your mama is definitely not proud with that.

Blackface while saying All Lives Matter (ALM). Tanginang doble-dobleng kabobohan MYMP dapat YMNP: Your Mama’s Not Proud

What the fuck is this shit, MYMP? He really said "walang white race, walang black race, walang chinese race, one race lang tayo. human race." 

MYMP really said wag pansinin yung nagsasabing educate yourself about doing a black face, propaganda lack yung BLM and ALM dapat. Advice: if may magsabing educate yourself, just shut up and educate yourself.

Instead of apologizing because a lot of people told him it's not right, he really said "Huwag pansinin". I HAVE NO WORDS. I CAN'T.

Nung nakita niya siguro BLM tas biglang may katabing ALM, walang gana gana ng utak! Diretso agad sa “Oo nga no!”

The fact that you did not prevent your bandmate from saying this shit means you're complicit in this. All lives will only matter if the oppressed are lifted from their oppression, and black people are oppressed. 

Watch how @MYMP_OFFICIAL virtually nuke what’s left of their careers. This is the real "How to self destruct a band 101." Nakakaiyak yung katangahan niya.

MYMP was trash since Juris Fernandez left naman.

I actually thought disbanded na ang MYMP kasi wala na si Juris. Siya lang naman nagdala ng MYMP eh. Must’ve been hard for her to come back.

"We can no longer cancel MYMP coz they’ve been muted since Juris left. At least now they got us talking. Publicity by stupidity is still publicity." - MA Buendia

They definitely need to change na their band's in NOW... especially after this. To be honest, laos na MYMP. They should stayed laos and no one will care. Lol!

Again, this guy said that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is mere propaganda... then digging their grave even more by stating that ALL LIVES MATTER. This is in response to the comments section of their livestream calling out the blackface Jimi Hendrix costume he is wearing. 

This is disgustingly ignorant. 

Please look up how all lives matter is a white supremacist movement. Basta na lang nakiride sa ALM?

Taking from a society that was deliberately abused and dehumanized by their color, it resulted in taunting depictions that strengthened racial inequalities.

No, @MYMP_OFFICIAL. Doing blackface for halloween won’t spread positivity. 

This is publicly posted ha. I'm not doxxing anyone here. Pero if you want to send a message to MYMP this is the perfect way. Send a message to their manager. Let's tell her na i-educate naman niya banda niya. Nakakahiya. 

Somebody already added this to the Wikipedia page

I used to be a big fan of MYMP but I dropped them when Juris left.

Now, as soon as I saw this. It means my decision back then was right. 

The fact that people are calling them out already for their bandmate’s inappropriate halloween “costume” but they still went one with the live for almost two hours. anong kabobohan ‘to @MYMP_OFFICIAL? 

Where does it hurt, @MYMP_OFFICIAL? Maybe being suffocated to death with a cops knee on your neck? Or being shot in bed at home... for being black.

Calling out your racism is not spreading "nega" vibes. What you did is racist. Apologize, admit you're wrong, and never do it again maybe?  

Kadiri. Talaga bang pinanindigan yung blackface? It’s not enough that they’re spewing politically backwards, DDS propaganda. They also have the gall to promote racial ridicule at the expense of entertainment.

MYMP must educate themselves and apologize for their racist remark against #BlackLivesMatter. The blackface is purely offensive

MYMP does not represent the views of Filipinos. We are officially revoking their Philippines Membership Card. 

We can all agree that MYMP was some god-tier OPM, right? Lol!

Cancel culture, do your thing. Please cancel MYMP.

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