Saturday, October 31, 2020

Typhoon Rolly could be bigger than Yolanda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Super typhoon set to hit eastern Luzon - aurora bicol on Sunday. NCR might be signal #3. Predicted to be strong Yolanda type winds rain. 

Projected gusts of 180 knots which is 333 kph. Yolanda had gusts 0f 379 kph. Yolanda leveled forests and villages. Electrical power was out for two months. This is a chain saw coming at Luzon and ABS-CBN free TV is off the air. AFP is drawing up propaganda plans.

Please take precautions.

Everyone living in Luzon, please be ready and stay safe in the coming days.

Grabe yung eye of the storm. One of the most well-formed and clear typhoon eye na nakita ko! This may be small typhoon, but it's a monster! 

Praying that this typhoon Goni/Rolly is not Haiyan/Yolanda levels.

If the sun shines and clouds are clear this morning, start preparing yourselves up. We know better now. Let me remind you that on November 2013, before Yolanda struck, the sun shone brighter like never before.

Call me paranoid but all the news about #RollyPH is making me really nervous for everyone, especially because we're under a government who's already been bad at dealing with a present crisis. 

I know a lot of people will just ignore me but we should learn from November 08, 2013. I want to reach my prayers to those people that will be affected of the incoming super typhoon. We must stay alert and pack our things and go to the nearest shelter where we will be safe.

And as much as possible, stay away from the shores. We will never know what will happen just like years ago. I've lost a friend and relatives and I don't want to happen to you even though I do not know all of you. PLEASE PLEASE KAPWA PINOY KO DIYAN ALWAYS BE SAFE!!!!

Yes, the government is ready for the typhoon. They're busy protecting the Dolomite beach, and DPWH is justrushing a breakwater courtesy of people's taxes of course.

Forget about the dolomite beach. Those who live along Manila Bay’s coast must evacuate. Trust me when I say storm surges can be deadly; we almost got drowned by Yolanda’s storm surge.

ANTI-Manila Bay rehab project and Dolomite watchers are IDIOTS! SANA Rolly could just zoom in specifically sa mga bahay ng mga Oploks! Kaso hindi. Natural catastrophes aren't selective. Like Yolanda before this, rich and poor, NO ONE will be spared of its wrath. Brace yourselves. 

This is going to be the scariest halloween!

Nature's wrath versus human folly? Humans misleading and misgoverning, saving their own necks, selling patrimony at other's expense? Are we being punished?

Let us pray for our fellow countrymen in this trying times. 

Praying for the typhoon to get dissolved before it landfalls. 

i don't want y'all to experience the trauma we had in Bagyong Yolanda.

To my fellow Filipinos, specifically those who are about to experience the possible "super typhoon" Goni/Rolly, please stay safe and please DO NOT underestimate super typhoons.

Stock up on food supplies and basic necessities, secure your homes, seek shelter if located along the shores or often flooded areas, prepare emergency lights and battery-powered radios (remember the power and Internet may be down), and do everything else necessary to prepare against this incoming threat.

This could be bigger than Haiyan/Yolanda.

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