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Raffy Tulfo in Action is the 4th branch of the Philippine government

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Seriously, I'm not aware that we have 4 branches of government in the Philippines -executive, judicial, legislative, and Raffy Tulfo in Action? 

That feeling that you realized that Raffy Tulfo is not a court , there are proper agencies that can handle these issues and that our justice system is poor and ordinary people cannot access the courts.

Nakakacringe na siya nagdedecide pati custody, define what crimes committed, and the penalty. Kaloka!

Gusto ko yung shows ni Raffy dati but I find the latest video very off. He is showing that he can control a lot of things. And I also hate the below the belt insults.

It seems like people tend to run to the most convenient situations. No offense pero justice can be served to the innocent for almost a year or two (aside from the expense that will cost you a small fortune), dito sa Philippines, kaya siguro kinakagat ng masa yung feeling nila mabibigyan agad ng justice sa nangyari sa kanila.

Yes I'm aware na sobrang f*cked up ng justice dito sa Pilipinas kaya naman hindi natin sila masisisi kung sa RTIA sila mag sumbong. Well, hindi din naman lahat privileged. Satisfied ba kayo sa pag-ayos ng kaso ni Michelle at Tekla o pakiramdam ninyo ay kulang sa proseso?

We do have the right platforms, but the question is, do people have the resources (money) and time to wait for months? Or even years? Then at the end of the day, mananalo yung may pera (dahil mag-abot ng padulas o may kakilalang malakas) and justice will not be served.

May mga right platforms para doon, kaya lang hindi naman naseserve ng maayos yung hustisya. Yung ibang lawyers, kurakot rin. bBasta ewan ko sa bansang ito, maraming korap yawa kaya di umuunlad. Pero nasa sa atin din yan eh. Kung saan natin itutuon yung pansin natin.

Kapag hindi na tatsulok ang sistema, pwede. Hindi siya ang susi pero malaking tulong siya lalo na kung ang nakalaban mo ay mayaman at makapangyarihan.

People who go to Tulfo have look into his show as their last resort siguro or need financial assistance kasi magastos magfile ng case and I believe aware naman sila na ipapalabas yung drama nila so may permission to show and nasa viewers na yan kung papanoorin or not.

It's the complainant's choice. What happened to Michelle was her choice in the very beginning. And same as the other complainants who were busted lying or faking things so the sympathy will be on their side. It's not Tulfo's fault.

Kaya naman may mga nagpapa Raffy Tulfo kasi hanggat hindi napapahiya, some evil people don't get what they deserve. Yung iba kailangan pang mapahiya para magising sa mga naging kasalanan.

I just wish Tulfo was objective and not easily swayed by public opinion for the fear of being canceled. Hello, end of the day, no drug test was performed. So end of the day, we can't decide to dictate repurcussions for Michelle while Tekla hasn't been established as innocent.

Nakakatulong ang show na iyan pero hindi siya masyadong naging effective sa issue ng mag-asawa. Madaming loopholes! 

RTIA is the last option if someone doesn't have any resources to provide for themselves. Especially when it comes to a case, y'all know that goin' to court or filing a lawsuit on someone needs a haystack of money, ain't ya?

There’s no payment or lawyer's fee. But there's also no privacy. Everyone gets to know everything embarrassing/personal about you and even your family. But we poor people are desperate, and he’s a good one for the needy.

Ang hindi ko lang kasi maintindihan kung bakit kailangang mag body shame? 

Habang tumatagal medyo lumalaki na rin ulo ni Tulfo. Sa totoo lang, you don't have the right to tell a woman that she doesn't deserve to be a mother or that she shouldn't be a mother to her child anymore. And also this body shaming? 

Fat shaming is punishable under the law. you just have to use the right provision in the revised penal code or special penal laws.

I am also very disappointed with Tulfo calling the netizens “trolls” “pakawala sa kabila” “planted”. Don’t be biased and just basing on your own feelings. Even Atty Garreth Tungol established a statement contradicting to what Michelle is claiming.

Ah basta si Atty. Gareth inaabangan ko every episode! Napakagaling kumilatis and he's not afraid to roast the client considering that he's working under Raffy (which sided to Michelle's case on previous episodes).

The sensitive contents regarding Tekla's issue right now is triggering for those who have experienced any form of sexual abuse and violence.

This is where I stand. The way I see it, both Tekla and Michelle are abusing each other, for different reasons. Otherwise why would they last so long? Addicts interdepend on each other, for drugs and each others' needs. They're toxic and dysfunctional together.

May Tekla's case serve as an example to Tulfo. I hope he now knows very well the weight of his program when it comes to influencing the public's opinion.

If you go to Tulfo, you believe that our current justice system is so rotten and ineffective that you resort to going to a show to ensure a public audience would bear witness to your case, and thus pressuring authorities to take action because of the public watching.

If you go to Tulfo, you believe that public humiliation and exposing private matters are the keys to solve ur problems..... and that's really problematic.

And also, this show ay nagfe-feed ng chismosa culture here in the Philippines which is not a good thing.

Some people are defending him na maraming natulungan, maraming naayos na problema, and mas madaling maabot ng mga underprivileged na tao. Yes, correct at some point pero dahil dito, hindi na naghahanap ng mas maayos na justice system ang mga tao kasi nandiyan naman si Tulfo. Whack.

Ang funny ng thought na laging "Ipapa-Tulfo kita" kesa isusumbong kita sa pulis, kakasuhan kita, ipapatawag kita sa barangay, and all. May mga authorities po tayong pwedeng lapitan na hindi tayo magiging tampulan ng chismis ng buong bayan.

Thanks mga nag-argue, but still, no. Demand more from the f*cked up government and gibain ang bulok na sistema ng hustisya, then itayo muli ng maayos.

After watching several videos of Raffy Tulfo, I've realized that it isn't an aid to our damaged justice system. Rather it adds confusion and creates more problems by tolerating those peeps who can't solve their own issues all by themselves. The need to allow others, like Tulfo who is neither lawyer or judge, to meddle and dictate.

Maybe it is a blessing for some, but it ruined relationships and lives that proper communication can possibly fix.

Indeed, magulo na nga system ng government. Mas lalala lang diyan. Imbes na maayos, mas lalong lalaki. Those issues are supposed to be private. Kahihiyaan ang mga 'yun lalo na 'yung issue about Tekla.

Sobrang alarming na ng role na ginagampanan ni Tulfo and yung mga tao tuwang-tuwa. Puro pamamahiya lang naman ang nangyayari eh. Wala namang kongkretong solusyon.

I can still remember the issue about the wedding of the soldier and his wife. Andami nyang sinabi towards the soldier to the extent na he's pointing out the whole life and personality nung sundalo. What a fair and impartial judgment made by their so-called "idol." 

Accepted pa sana kung nagkakaroon ng investigation bago ang judgement eh kaso baliktad. Nauuna i-judge para malaman kung mag-click sa tao then pag nabash saka lang mag investigate.

Granting for the sake of argument na adik si Michelle.. why not help her from her addiction para makabangon sya? Bring her to rehab, not shame her and threaten to get her child.

Though in the first place, it was Michelle who decided to call RTIA for help. Take note, she called Raffy Tulfo and not the authorities. She should know the advantages and disadvantages on going PUBLIC.

Don't bash Raffy Tulfo for what happened to Michelle.

In its episodes from episodes 1 to 5, we can clearly see how Tulfo tried to get rid of Michelle from shame. He defended her. He even became so unfair to Tekla.

Ngayon na-baliktad ang mundo. Pustiso na naging gilagid pa.

What Michelle's suffering now is a consequence to her actions. In fact, Tulfo and the friends of Tekla already offered her for peace talk with Tekla about the issue but she inisted to pursue her complaints. And RTIA just had no choice but to pursue it because its their job. 

But I still believe Tulfo made the situation of both Michelle and Tekla worse. Pinagkaperahan lang niya yung sitwasyon ng dalawa.

For the record, I am not siding with Michelle and her family. I am also not siding with Tekla, and similarly not siding with Tulfo either.

We all do not know what really happened because we can't fully distinguish who are telling the entire truth. Wala tayo sa posisyon husgahan sila at magdesisyon para sa kanila.

Why cant people understand and respect those people who opted to go to Tulfo and have that kind of proceedings? 

It pains me to see people resorting to Raffy Tulfo in Action instead of filing a legal case to legal authorities, but this is a direct manifestation of the failed judicial system in the country.

People have lost the trust on the police, the barangay justice system, or even the judicial court dahil kinakailangang dumaan sa grabeng bureaucracy to hold someone accountable. You can't expect a fair and speedy trial so sa trial by publicity na lang umaasa.... which is really sad too.

We may not like Tulfo in different ways but we can’t change the fact that he really helped out those underprivileged people and for them to be also heard. Don’t just say “how about you go to actual lawyers and have legal proceedings” because not all people are privileged.

Tulfo is not a lawyer, however if you actually watch his videos. He talks to an attorney since his son in law is a lawyer, and he works for Raffy Tulfo. 

Y'all reek of privilege. Ang dali lang mag-sabi na i-daan sa proper authorities.

Aasikasuhin ba kaagad kaso mo kung urgent pero walang wala ka? It's fucked up na Tulfo exists because our justice system is fucked up. But at the same time, it is there para mabawasan ang taong di nakakakuha ng hustisya. 

It's easy to get help if you can afford a decent lawyer. Pero paano naman yung hindi kaya? 

Of course, walang taong gustong ipaalam sa media or sa buong mundo ang mga problema nila. Pero it's their last resort para hindi lang mabasura ang kaso nila because that's what usually happens.

May nagsasabi rin pala na he's disrespecting lawyers? When he actually calls attorneys to seek for legal advice, at dinadaan din ang mga lumalapit sa kanila sa proper authorities. 

That's what makes me sick. Na need pa na may nakatingin bago ayusin ang kilos ng mga authorities.

I am not speaking holy of Tulfo. I am only trying to explain why a lot of people reach out to him first, and why it baffles me but in a way I understand. 

Nakalimutan na ba ninyo kaagad kung gaano kagago ang karamihan na parte ng sistema?

Mga nagbubulag-bulagan kasi kung gano kabulok ang justice system natin. Kadiri. 

Don't blame Tulfo, blame the incompetent officials. Blame the government.

RTIA is not only for underprivileged people but also for people who are fighting against influencial, affluent and connected people. 

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