Tuesday, October 27, 2020

#SanAgOLMayMentalHealthBreak: St. Augustine Demands for a Break

Wazzup Pilipinas!

St. Augustine hear them. Give them the break that they deserve. They are too exhausted. Mentally, physically and spiritually. Monday to Sunday all study, no more personal life.

How can students become effective and learned professionals in the future if they didn't learn anything? This cycle is productive because all they do was to run after the modules with less or no retainment at all. 

They are really out there chasing deadlines, and sitting thru 4-8 hours of online classes with no retainment of whatever they were supposed to learn.  Please give them a break.

Teachers are giving a bunch of schoolworks to answer before they will do a discussion. I mean, not all students are immune with self studying.  

To all the teachers, thank you for your understanding and for being patient with your students. We understand that it's also difficult for you to manage and cope up everything just to ensure that they're all learning.

Teachers aren't that vocal but we all know they're also tired and exhausted. 

Teachers and students are both affected in this new learning style @VivaSanAgustin. I repeat, listen to them. Compromise man kung pwede. Kag i-acknowledge niyo man ang cry of Augustinians. 

They are drained physically, emotionally and MENTALLY! Asking students for versatility? They ask for empathy! Don't invalidate their struggles. They deserve a break. 

#SanAgOLMayMentalHealthBreak is not a complaint. This is a request. A simple request made known by those who need it. They don’t simply want this, they need this!

I thought this university advocates mental health awareness? This online class has triggered anxiety attacks and suicidal tendencies on their students.

You want your school to be recognized as one of the top performing schools in medical technology but how can you reach a 100% passing rate if your students are not absorbing the knowledge.

Agustinians are desperate to be heard. The administration has long been deaf with issues that concern the students. They just want a break! Can't you at least listen and be more of a human? They are not robots.

They are already losing their sanity because of the pandemic that we are all facing. Please don't put more pressure on them! 

God gave you ears! Please listen to the cries of your exhausted students! You are not just a business, you are a school!

Because Mental Health matters, give your students and teachers a time to take care of themselves. After all, self care is a necessity.


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