Sunday, October 25, 2020

Miss Taguig Sandra Lemonon is not making lemonade but spilling the tea for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

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"When life gives you lemons, spill the tea!"

May pa-tsaa si Sandra Lemonon. "Guuurrl, if you're not watching untucked, you're only getting half the story."

Seeing Miss Taguig Sandra Lemonon's mystory in Instagram makes people say that she's a sour loser and doesn't accept the fact that she lost. Should she get over it and move on, or continue to spill the tea? Whatever she does, we'll support her right to do it.

I have nothing against Rabiya Mateo winning but why are y'all cancelling Sandra Lemonon already? Don't you wanna know the truth? You seem to be very afraid of the tea she's gonna spill. Let's wait for it. After all, we deserve to know what really happened.

Ya'll keep telling people to fight and use their voices when injustices happen but you also dismiss Sandra Lemonon and call her a "sour loser" the moment she tells her side. Let her speak for something she experienced firsthand.

If Sandra has something to share about unfairness that happened at the Miss Universe Philippines, then she is entitled to do so. A phenomenal woman is someone who can voice out her opinions about injustices. Also, wala pa nga sinasabi binabash na? 

Why didn't she speak out right from the start? Hinintay muna matapos bago tumahol? Indeed, the crown wont fit her and will never be. Spreading bitterness through social media? Instead raising her opinion and issue towards management. 

Sandra lost twice to catriona pero hindi siya nagsalita about it she accepted it but this time I think she's not bitter or salty she just want to speak not only for herself but to all the contestant.

She is a Mental Health advocate and it's normal to seek justice. I'm not taking anyone's side but at least let's hear her out rather than silencing her.

May rumors na may glam team daw si Miss Rabiya and it's unfair. Pero let's say na may glam team sila lahat pero panget naman performance. Mananalo ba sila? 

Sandra isn't my bet but she is a performer. By spilling tea doesnt mean, that one is bitter. Someone has to speak up if she felt injustice because thats what she felt and she was the one who's there. 

Does Gumabao and Lemonon unfollowing Rabiya mean something?

Sandra Lemonon just replied to the IG story of Bininibing Pilipinas Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup-Lee...and the developments seem to be very ugly.

We really don't know what's the truth. What if may something nga?? 

Lets see tomorrow as the tweet exchange continues. Its hard to accept defeat if the game isnt fair at all. Lets wait.

When there's injustice, then fight for what is right. Speaking up against injustices only shows that she's a real queen.

Now look at Miss Biliran's tweet before she deactivated her Twitter account

Controversies in beauty pageants are nothing new. There are several issues throughout the years across the different pageants both local and international where involvement could either be among the sponsors and the candidates themselves. In fact, not all issues get a chance to be picked up by the media since many would just set it aside for personal reasons.

Until we get a clearer explanation from Sandra, we will still be guessing what really transpired behind the glamorous stage of Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

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