Tuesday, October 27, 2020

#TagSciDoBetterNow: Sexual misconduct in Taguig Science High School

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"#TagSciDoBetterNow started as a response towards the allegations of sexual misconduct in Taguig Science High School (TSHS). A response has yet to be issued by the school."

A group chat full of students sexually harassing their female schoolmates got leaked, and now they're taking screenshots of those who are tweeting about this saying the consequences are going to be 'heavy'. Is that a threat?

While TagSci admin is sleeping tightly tucked in their beds, students are making noise to be heard.  Please hear them out.

You cannot consider TagSci or TSHS' tweets as mere rants. They are not throwing tantrums here. They are standing with and for the victims who were silenced and admonished instead of the molesters for the sake of the school's representation. 

Please don't forget that it's the students who make up TSHS and not the other way around.

This culture of impunity—be it within an institution or from the national government—must be brought to an end! 

TSHS, heed the students' calls!

We call for justice and action towards the cases of harassment, as well as the enactment and strengthening of anti-sexual misconduct policies within the school. 

We stand by the students of TSHS and call that their institution investigates this issue, and protect their students against any form of sexual misconduct, abuse and harassment.

TagSci is only one of the many schools facing numerous cases of harassment. We will not stop until justice is served to the victims. One school at a time. 

Heads, admins of education institutions have a duty to investigate cases and provide for the resolution, settlement or prosecution of acts of  sexual harassment in school. 

So apparently, the administration of TSHS is doing a crackdown of students participating in an effort to bring sexual harrasers to justice. Instead of helping the victims, the school is silencing protest. 

The TSHS student body will not be silenced as we seek sanctions of the perpetrators.

They need our voices to be heard.

We humbly ask for your support in this fight against human rights violators and further tolerance and negligence of cases of sexual harassment within the premises of our institution.

The teachers who are also victims can't fight because they're still under the TSHS but let's continue to fight for them and be their voice!

Dear Taguig City government, kindly act on the issue regarding sexual harassment at Taguig Science High School. The school admin wants to protect the name of the school instead of their students' rights. 

To the admin of TSHS, pls act now! The students are affected by these issues. This is the reality, and they are being traumatized because of your 'process', act for the students, not for the name.

Can we also call out to the students who were also victims of sexual harassment from the previous years? We need to hold accountable the perpetrators too. Let's definitely not forget those who are left unpunished.

Imagine your lifelong trauma being reduced to mere "negative vibes." Konting compassion naman diyan, please!

It is not a tale. The horrors, scars, and traumas that were induced and imparted to the victims and the witnesses (basically everyone involved) is beyond what words can delineate. 

Many are now coming forward to tell their sexual harassment experiences at TagSci. There are a lot of unspoken and unresolved traumas that were born from a place students called their second home and they carry them until now.

You hold so much power than you think, don't let anyone try to erase what had happened.

We condemn sexual harassment and Taguig Science High School’s incapability to protect its students and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Tagsci, if this is gonna be another episode of "patawag magulang" "suspension for a day" "dalin sa guidance" then, MY ALMA MATER IS DEFINITELY A TRASH! 

The school has been covering up these issues and letting it slip? Maybe because it doesn't want it's name to be tainted, but sacrificing the students in the process and tolerating the perpetrators.

No one should ever be scared to speak up. Now that a lot of people are voicing out about this concern, it's time to make actions NOW!

This call is not meant to cyberbully the perpetrators but rather to serve as a message that sexually harassing someone is not something that you can just easily get away. Hold them accountable! 

The end of education is character!

This is a call for Taguig Science High School admins to do better and give its students the proper and just environment that is fit for learning without the fear of being sexually harassed. 

Can you feel the power of Scientians when united?,

I hope other schools will also have the courage to do a movement and SPEAK UP. This ain't about being trending. This is about speaking for your rights.  

Collective action is better than fighting alone.

"Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch, we are free."



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