Monday, November 2, 2020

Children huddled in evacuation centres at risk from COVID19, as year’s strongest storm batters the Philippines

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Children huddled in evacuation centres at risk from COVID19, as year’s strongest storm batters the Philippines

As hundreds of thousands of children huddle in evacuation centres following the most powerful typhoon in the Philippines for seven years, Save the Children fears the spread of COVID19.

Typhoon Goni made landfall across Luzon island on Sunday local time, bringing with it catastrophic winds, storm surges and widespread floods.

The extent of the damage in coastal areas is still unknown, but feared to have had a high humanitarian impact.

The CEO of Save the Children in the Philippines is Atty. Alberto Muyot. He said, “We call on the local government to urgently put in place proper health protocols to protect people sheltering in evacuation centres from life-threatening diseases including COVID-19.

“They must also ensure children and their families staying in evacuation centres are provided with hygiene essentials, nutritious food and clean water.”

“It is important local officials provide breast milk access to babies in case they are separated from their mothers, or mothers are unable to express breastmilk due to injury and psychosocial distress.”

The nation’s capital Manila, home to 13 million people, is bracing for the impact of the storm today. Save the Children has fears for more than nine million people living in the city.

“The impact on the most vulnerable in Manila could be horrendous. We are especially concerned for 1.5 million families forced to live in dangerous conditions along railroads tracks, garbage dumps and riverbanks.”

As soon it is safe to do so, Save the Children will deploy aid workers to the worst affected parts of Luzon island. They will quickly distribute basic life-saving hygiene kits and emergency supplies.


Sunday, November 1, 2020

#NasaanAngPangulo is an accountability tweet in the middle of a pandemic

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"To ask #NasaanAngPangulo is not to demand the impossible--that he stop #RollyPh. It's to ask: where's the highest  official of the country being battered by the strongest typhoon of the year? 

In a time of crisis, presence is a sign of leadership. Absence is abandonment of duty" - Pilo Hilbay

President Rodrigo Duterte is still missing in action hours after the first landfall of Rolly (Goni), the world's strongest tropical cyclone this year.   

When DDS cult fanatics claims Duterte is the best president in the solar system, it feels too good to be true. Well this is his chance.. at least, to do something or pretend to be a mayor, err, president nga pala... 

Certain wokes are asking the whereabouts of PRRD as the Philippines braces for Typhoon Rolly. Is the government already been working around the clock in preparation for its impact? When I saw the sort of presscon, they keep saying that communications are down so they couldn't get updates from the provinces, and that the LGU can handle the situation on their own. WTF! Is that being ready. Haven't they heard of satellite phones?

Do we really need to see him para lang malaman na may ginagawa siya? Does he have better things to do than to show his face on camera? I know that any leader can still be on top of things without being in the limelight, but as a leader it is best to still see him before an impending disaster.

Do you really think that he's doing something when he's missing from the high level briefing about the typhoon? We were expecting him to tell us about their preparedness and response in regards to this typhoon for assurance, but no, I can't even see articles about it.

He's the president, duhhhh! He should be leading the preparation for this Typhoon.

During this time that the country is facing a calamity, being the "Tatay" that he is and he claims to be, dapat visible sya cause it eases the people.

Bakit kay Bong Go pa mangggaling ang ganyang statement? Hindi na ba mabuka ni Duterte ang bibig nya? Kapag sa pagmumura ang lakas.

Yes its his job. It could be ministerial bit still his job.

What the people want is pure leadership, to man the ship, guide it, stir it with its people before during and after each calamity. Thats ACCOUNTABILITY!

You know a supertyphoon is about to make a landfall in the country yet you had the audacity to neglect your responsibilities and failed to prepare for the disaster. If you're not going to do anything might as well let the Vice President handle it. Let her become the President. 

President Duterte's spokesman Harry Roque: "We expect him to address the nation. Hindi ko lang alam kung kailan."

Gahaman sa Emergency Power pero di mo mahagilap pag may Emergency?

He's not just the clown he's the whole fucking circus. 

2020 is scary enough. No need for Halloween. Pero beh di ba dapat nag address ang pangulo bago tumama sa kalupaan si bagyong Rolly?. Ahhhh baka advance para kay Siony? Hindi rin namin alam kung kelan kami lalaya sa gobyernong ganito. Uugh! Kairita!

We can debate about the Yolanda response of Noynoy Aquino's administration due to some major shortcomings. But he gave us timely information based on experts' advice before the storm made a landfall unlike the inutile who doesn't seem to care about Typhoon Rolly.

Ang example ng isang good leadership ay si President Moon ng South Korea hindi sya absent sa panahon ng kalamidad sa bansa nya kaya madali silang makabangon.

DDS in a nutshell-- these 2 answers to every facts they are presented with:

🤮 Eh di ikaw pumalit sa pangulo

🙄 Ano ambag mo bukod sa pagiging dilawan?

#NasaanAngPangulo is an accountability tweet. Hindi ‘yan bashing. It’s a call for leadership especially when we’re in a crisis in a middle of a pandemic.


7 Untold Health Benefits of Pure Egg

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Our body needs various kinds of nutrients that are not present in the regular diet that we eat. A simple diet consists of fewer nutrients that may not be sufficient to satisfy our body's needs. Various studies have found that many people are deficient in various nutrients due to the normal diet they consume. Today, everyone prioritizes health over everything and is ready to eat whatever is healthy for them and their body. A huge change in the living and eating behavior of people has been observed. And it is found that many of them are willing to eat some different food items that they usually don't eat.

People are aware of the merits and demerits of various food items and record what they eat. In these tough times, people have shifted their focus from vegan food to non-vegan food. Everyone knows the benefit of non-vegan food items and have started eating it without giving a second thought. This has resulted in an overall shifting of entire food culture throughout the world. And when I talk about Non_vegan, I am talking about the eggs that are now consumed by every single person to make himself ready for the situations that are currently prevailing in the whole world.

Eggs are a very important part of our diet. They are a great source of uncommon nutrients that we may not get from other foods that we eat. Eggs are easy to make, easy to store, and don't need to be cooked for a long time. All you have to do is just boil them and eat. No extra cooking and no other tantrums. Eggs are a great source of protein and carbohydrates; this we all know very well. But what are the other important nutritional elements that these have? To answer your queries, we have come up with a list of 7 untold health benefits of Pure Eggs that will clear all your doubts and various myths about the eggs. This list will guide you and will tell you, why eggs should be a daily part of our diet. Here is the list which tells you all:

The High Nutritional Values

Eggs are considered one of the healthiest food items because an egg has all the nutrients to turn a cell into a full-grown baby chicken. They are very rich in nutrients and help our body to get proper nourishment. A full-sized egg has all the nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, K, B5, B12, B2, phosphorus, selenium, and folate. I don't think you will find so many nutrients in any other food other than egg. Eggs are loaded with proteins and calories and keep your body healthy.

Best Source of Choline

Choline is a nutrient that is from the family of Vitamin B. They are mostly found in eggs and are very beneficial for our body. Choline is the nutrient that helps in building our cell membranes and plays an important role in producing signaling the molecules. Choline is a rare nutrient and is found in eggs only. They have a good amount of choline in them and around 90 mg. This is why eggs are the best and healthiest food we should eat.

Effect on Triglycerides

The eggs which are hatched by a hen which has been raised on pasture have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in them. This omega-3 acid is good for our health and reduces the level of triglycerides in our bodies. Triglycerides are a chemical substance which leads to various heart diseases and other serious health issues. It is always important to maintain the TG levels in our bodies. By consuming eggs, you can control the levels of Tg in your body and live a healthy life.

Low-Calorie Count

Eggs are good for those who have a restricted diet plan or want to curb down their weight. Eggs contain relatively fewer amounts of calories and are good for those who are into heavy fitness and bodybuilding. Eggs can be consumed daily and will not cause any problem to your less calorie diet plan. Apart from calories, they are rich in protein, which increases muscle mass and is considered good for bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts usually consume many eggs in their diet and increase their strength, stamina and muscle growth.

Protects Your Heart

Eggs are believed to be effective for those suffering from heart diseases. They can prevent any heart disease by producing large-sized LDL in our body. This LDL causes various heart diseases, but if the size of this LDL is large, it helps prevent them too .more the density of LDL, less the chances of having a heart disease.

Increases Eye-Sight

Another benefit of eating eggs is that its yolk carries various nutrients such as Vitamin A, Zeaxanthin, and lutein, which keeps your eyes healthy and eye-sight better. These nutrients are known for their positive effects on the eyes and maintain their health as well. Vitamin A that an egg has is very good for the cornea, the surface of our eye. This is why eggs are considered the best remedy for eyes related problems.

Produces HDL

Another important nutrient or substance that eggs largely have in them is HDL. The name also knows this HDL or high-density lipoprotein of "Good Cholesterol". This HDL is responsible for lowering the bad cholesterol from our body and keeps our body safe from any kind of heart disease or heart-related problems. Consuming eggs at a constant rate every day will help your body to increase its HDL level by 10 %. So, start eating eggs and help your body develop HDL, making you more healthy and fit.


Eggs are undoubtedly the best source of natural ingredients for our body and we should consider them in our normal routine diet. You can have them as boiled eggs after your workout or can have omelette for breakfast. They help us in various ways that can lead to better physical and internal health. Many nutrients that our body usually doesn't get can be obtained from eggs. So this was our list about the Untold health benefits of Eggs and we hope this will help you to think about eggs and their benefits.
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