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Justin Dizon of PBB Connect: Making LGBTs look like shits


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“Jie-Ann” and "Justin Dizon" are among the hottest trending topics now in the Philippines.

If you are watching Pinoy Big Brother Connect just for its entertainment value then I guess you can care less. However, I always watch it with the intent to see its social relevance and the Jie-Ann/Justin bit is one good example.

I always look forward sa mga confessionals and heart-to-heart talks nila with kuya. Like in the real world, we also look for those people gaya ni kuya na makakausap natin because we don’t always have the luxury to explain in the outside world why we act the way we do.

Truly, lagi nagbubukas ng mata sa totoong kwento at pangyayari sa ating bansa,,at may different perspective ng mga tao, so you'll learn from them, nga lng online chismis pero mas nakikita din kung pano mag-isip ang masang pinoy sa isang isyu.

Justin Dizon is the mother of all shits. He literally, consciously wiped his hands on Jie-Ann's towel which was currently on her head. The only thing he proved time and time again is how problematic, matapobre, and elitist he is. Okay lang sana kung isolated, kaso hindi eh. 

It was not just the wiping of hands sa towel that threw me off. It was also when he said "sabagay marumi ka nga pala." 

I can sense that Jie-Ann was offended though .. and then she just said to Justin,"wala akong pakialam sa'yo."

I like her as the closest of Haira inside the house. And it hurts me seeing her being bullied. 

It was bullying.

THAT WAS SERIOUSLY BELOW THE BELT. MAYAMAN NGA SI JUSTIN PERO NI RESPETO AY HINDI NIYA ALAM. Anong magagawa ng yaman mo kung wala kang respeto sa kapwa tao mo. Or hindi ba siya tao?

As an adult if you noticed something wrong, you should say it in a good way. The word "marumi"  was really very offending and we know that it hurts more on Jie-Ann's part. 

To the "cleanliest human being of the universe" aka Justin Dizon.......You are shitty. Mahihiya lahat ng bakla ng dahil sa iyo.

Go Jie-ann laban lang!! Huwag kang papaapekto sa baklang kanal ang ugali.

The thing is, galing sa live stream yung footage meaning its unscripted. The whole Justin teaches Jie-Ann skit was the script writer's attempt to try to save Justin's ass.

Can't PBB see how problematic this is??

"Tinuruan ni Justin si Jie-Ann kung paano gumamit ng mga toiletries!"

Bakit baliktad?? Hindi ba si Justin yung dapat na may takeaway sa shit statements nya instead of Jie-Ann being taught how to use toiletries?

It was not even a funny content and is just borderline deregatory towards Jie-Ann. 

Kainis how this "empathy" is redeeming him while Jie-Ann is being put in a humiliating situation.

What's the whole point of this montage, comedic relief? I can't believe you would stoop this low and exploit Jie-ann's lack of knowledge and privilege like this. YOU ARE GOING TOO FAR JUST TO PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT. 

I just know they're panicking rin trying to come up with something more to make amends to a very disgusting behavior....or was this scripted para may pag-usapan about PBB!?

"Lagi silang nag-aasaran ni Jie-ann" AND THAT DOESNT GIVE HIM THE RIGHT TO USE JIE-ANN SITUATION AS A JOKE. TONTA!!! Ang baho ng ugali.

It's a cycle. Gaganyan, iko call out, magsosorry, tapos balik sa dating gawi. Kapag basura ka, kung hindi ka gagawa ng conscious effort para baguhin ang ugali mo, basura ka forever. Hindi mababago ng notes app ang ugali mo. It's not something that happens overnight. Pweh.

Anyway, add lang ako ng context ano. Si Jie-Ann ay from Sarangani. Lahat ng housemates, noong nasa confession room sila, sinasabi kay Kuya na hindi naliligo si Jie-Ann. Parang 2 days na raw at that time na hindi naliligo si ate girl.

Pinaiwan siya ni Kuya sa confession room tapos tinanong niya if bakit hindi siya naliligo araw-araw. Ang explanation lang ni Jie-Ann is because sa Sarangani raw, wala silang tubig. Hindi laging may tubig. So nasanay sila na maliligo lang kapag may extra.

They really fuckin' used Jie-ann's story for more shitshow, instead of addressing the real issue. Y'all come up with this?? The level of being problematic. The girl obviouly knows what hygiene is, the problem is the resources & Justin's wack ass personality.

I really like Jie-ann's character. Though, she struggles so much from proverty, she did not use this to seek empathy from the outside world. Hindi umiiyak like others na parang ang laki ng problema.

Itong si Justin, iniisip niya na dugyot lang si ate girl. Tapos lagi niyang bini-bring up na hindi nga naliligo, ganyan. Tapos ayon, sabi ni Jie-Ann, 12php per container ang tubig sa Sarangani. Eh tatatlo lang ang containers nila sa bahay. Priority nila ang pang-saing, pang-hugas, pang-laba, at pang-luto ng pagkain. Makes sense. Uunahin mo pa ba na maliligo ka eh wala nga kayong tubig. kaya ayon. Pati ako nahiya na ganoon pala 'yong sitwasyon nila sa Sarangani. Tapos si Kuya, inassure niya na she can use all the water she needs sa bahay.

While you are all here, please do not associate Justin Dizon's rudeness to being gay. Hindi ganyan ang mga bakla. Sadyang he sits too high na matapobre na  siya towards others. Again, hindi ugaling bakla ang pagiging matapobre. This issue is beyond his SOGIE.

It's unfair na may mga nagreretweet na ganoon siya kasi bakla siya. No. Ganoon siya kasi detached siya sa realidad. Bakla man siya or hindi, kung ang tingin niya sa mundo ay pantay, ibang usapan na 'yon. Hindi rin ugaling baklang kanal ang pagiging matapobre.

Kaya nga nasa loob sila ng bahay para makita ang totoong ugali. Hindi naman agad malalaman ng mga nag screen ng PBB ang tunay na ugali ng housemates not unless nakatira na sila sa iisang bubong. Kaya nga may eviction. Bawi na lang tayo doon.

Nasobrahan ang katabilan ng bibig niya. I have a lot of gay friends. Fortunately, they're all nice and funny! Kaya nadismaya ako dito kay Justin. Haayss.

In short, basura pala sa totoong buhay si Justin. Mas masahol pa siya sa mga hindi naliligo ng ilang linggo. We now know who deserves to be evicted first.

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