Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dry Run for Face-to-face Classes Set On January 11 to 23

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I can't explain how fucking angry I am at this Department of Education official  who is aware about the suicides yet laughed about it? I'm so F*CKING disgusted. 

She laughed about students committing suicide over modules?!

"there are still students who commit suicide ""because"" of modules"

I'm so fucking done with her and DepEd as a whole. They should fire this insensitive sonofabitch!

Mental health is also as important as your physical health. Mental health matters!!! Naturingan na DepEd official(?) pero parang walang pinag-aralan. 

They don't even care about those who committed suicide. Endangering the entire nation's students is nothing to them. 

Mga educator na walang pinag aralan akala mo may medical background nanood lang naman ata ng conspirashit sa YouTube.

DepEd is also trending because Sec. Leonor Briones said studies show that children have a higher chance of contracting COVID-19 at home than in schools, and President Rodrigo Duterte has just approved a 'pilot' face-to-face classes in Jan 21-23, 2021.

Guinea pigs mga kabataan? Seryoso ba sila? They will risk the lives of the youth to "dry-run" their theories taken out of the blue? 

Whoah! Have they gone insane? Did they even consider the chances of catching the virus while travelling to and from the school?

Sobrang nakaka bother ang way of thinking and decision making nila.

If you have 45 students in a room, that is representing 45 different families. The chances of exposure is 45x higher compared to holding online classes wherein students are in the confines of their own homes.. Jusko mahirap ba to intindihin? 

Hirap na hirap na sila na mag-isip ng ganyan. Sala na sa hulog ang mga nasa gobyernong ito. 

Where did those studies come from and were these validated? Ang bilis lang nila dumampot ng so called “studies” di naman malinaw ang basis. The medical experts of then IATF should be the one to give the recommendation and not the Education Sec. ang gulo ng pamamalakad nila!

Tama yan, papasukin natin ang mga kids. Tapos paguwi nila sa bahay, sila pa ang posibleng maging mga carriers. Berigud DepEd! Tama kayo. Tamaan kayo ng kidlat ng isandaang beses.

Haha! Experts sila no need daw ng disturbing data where cases are still constantly increasing.

They need to show the numbers. If they have stats they need to release. Also... if "children has a higher chance of contracting COVID19 at home" edi dapat hindi na nila cinancel ang school year.. Sino ba niloloko nang mga'to.

Iniisip ko mostly of the students who would go to school are the poor ones, since wala naman silang place or gadgets that can cater their educational needs, mas nakakatkot once nagka-Covid sila who would helped them??? Hazard pay ng hospital staff di mabigay bigay.

I just remembered na sinubukan nila ito sa Korea but stopped it since tumaas ulit ang Covid cases.

WTF! It's hard to accept that students have higher chances of contracting COVID-19 at home and lower chance of getting it outside. Like geezz! I think Sec Leonor has his brain put on backwards.

What was the point of students staying home for 10 months? What's the point of having a quarantine just because the government heard that there's Covid-19 vaccines that doesn't mean the whole Philippines can go outside now.

Briones' claim must be backed with data. Otherwise, hers are empty words. Sintido common, wouldn't it be safer for kids to stay home with family, than mingle with other kids who might be silent carriers?

Then, what's the purpose of that "Stay At Home" phrase that can be seen since the lockdown started? Even if we're not going to conduct another study, it is clearly stated that schools are more crowded (in population) than our homes. Tao po mga students at teachers natin, hindi imortal Ang mga employees na pinapasok kahit may pandemic pero wala namang provided na regular testing, maaaring mamatay. Wala ring any obligation to treat those who may get infected for those reporting for work.

Hahaha, the more contacts kids have outside their family is safer? Wow!!! They really are the alter egos of Duturtle. It seems there’s a contest within this admin on who can come up with the most ridiculous logic, with Harry Roque following the lead of the previous mayor of Davao.

Di ba mas safe and protected  ang mga bata if they are at home. Ok ang face to face sana if the vaccine is already available.

Di nila iniisip na pwede maging spreader ang bata. Paano ang mga may edad sa bahay, pag-uwi ng bata?

Dapat diyan kay Briones pinapaikot sa lahat ng school sa Pilipinas since gusto niyang ipush yang face to face class. Dapat siya mismo mag inspect ng facilities ng schools para malaman niya kung safe ba talaga mag face to face class sa gitna ng pandemic.

Feeling ko sa mga job nila, mapupunta ka sa alternate universe. Tapos yung pag iisip na yan NORMAL lang sa kanila. Parang ads ng RC Cola! Aliens or mutants?

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