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Duque: Poster boy for pathological incompetence amounting to criminal negligence?

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The Philippines would have secured the delivery of 10 million doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines as early as January next year had Health Secretary Francisco Duque III worked on the documentary requirements needed for the deal. - Inquirer 

Senator Ping Lacson said that a Cabinet secretary "dropped the ball" in the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines but still "stays in the game", adding that "the coach refuses to replace him."  

Baka naman di nadrop ang ball... talagang iba ang gusto.

Baka ito ang game plan ng coach na ilaglag ang laro...

O tapos, hanggang blind item n lng ba and call out yan? Dami ng sabit nyan walang accountability!

Lacson says the negotiation between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and DFA Sec Teodoro Locsin Jr. as arranged by US PH Ambassador to the US Babe Romualdez started as early as July. 

Sen. Lacson: A single document that DOH Sec. Duque failed to submit was cause of PH missing out on chance to acquire 10M doses of Pfizer vaccine as early as January, an opportunity that went to Singapore. 

The negligence is glaring. It’s not enough to demand resignation since Duterte keeps defending him with full trust. And it’s just sickening. With all their crimes against the masses, Duque and Duterte should be held accountable. Tangina niyo talagaaaa

And btw, just name names. Waste of bandwidth ang coyness ni Lacson.

Sino vac kasi yung talagang makikinabang? 

So we have no vaccines at naiipit tayo ngayong lahat umoorder na all because tinamad si Duque... or nanadya dahil gusto nya unahin ang China. 

Just let that sink in. 

Baka intentional ang 'failed to submit' dahil gusto nila sa Sinovac bumili. Hehe. Kaya din mabitawan ng Poon dahil personal lackey nya si Duque. Gising2x din pag may time.

Gising-gising na po mga kapwa ko Filipino. Matagal na tayong ginagago ng pamahalaan na ito. Sana naman po magka-isa tayo na baguhin ang bulok na sistema na ito.

And yet the president STILL has full trust in Duque. What say you, 91%?

The bagman (Sec. Duque) intentionally dropped the ball as his coach told him so. What can you expect from someone who works for the pleasure of the President?

Order ni Dutz na bitinin ang required documents para favor sa Sinovac. Di naman gagalaw si Duque na walang basbas ni Digong.

Tuta ng Tsina ang nag utos na wag kumpletuhin ang dokumento.

Wala din talagang delicadeza si Sec. Duque dahil ayaw pa mag resign even if the public is clamoring for it. He will be Duterte's downfall or baka si Duterte talaga nagpipilit na manatili si Duque.

Hidden agenda nila kasi yung Sinovac of China ang makuha para makinabang silang mga kurap. Lol.

Alam na! All to accomodate China' Sinovac first. Doon ba sila kikita dahil sobrang mahal?

Of course Duque will not do something that would not please PDuts. They are with China in all of this from the very start.

Scapegoat! Puppet na puppet ang galawan. Hindi natatanggal sa puwesto kahit patung-patong na mali ang magagawa.

So enraged with Duque and DDS government to prioritize China over health of Filipinos. Nakakagalit!

Nakakatulog pa ba ng maayos ang mga taong to? O puro bangungot na inaabot dahil sa konsensya?

What the hell is Secretary Duque talking about reviewing the technicalities of the Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement?! It's a freaking document that's usually 2-5pages long that basically tells the parties to not discuss any confidential info like formulation, manufacturing info.

Duque should really be held accountable. A lapse on his part may cause death/casualty to the filipino citizen.Time is a limited resource and he is definitely wasting it. It reeks incompetence.

Let's not fool ourselves that this is just a case of negligence, DOH has its own Legal Division that can easily prepare the NDA, it need not even be reviewed by the Office of the Solicitor General, meron malalim na dahilan yan di lang nasama si Sec Teddy at Amb. Babe sa usapan.

If it was intentional, he may have the intent. It means Duque or the admin MAY have fixed a deal or eyeing a vaccine other than Pfizer. Either way, they must be held accountable. But the President's soooo twisted I don't expect it.

Duque just signed up for his death wish.

This man will cower in fear every time he comes out in public after Duterte's term, if he is not in prison.

It’s sad how it’s becoming a norm for this administration to be this incompetent and corrupt.

Pahirap at pasakit sa bayan! Ang daming  kapalpakan na mga desisyon! Kaya pa ba nating sikmurain ang ganitong mga nagpapatakbo sa bansa natin? 

We dont’t need incompetent leaders!

Sabwatan nga ni Dutae at Duque yan...magnanakaw at nagnanakaw talaga ng pera hanggat meron....gaya ng PPE na overprice at yung 15billion ng Philhealth.... ang daming nakawan!

Sa Pfizer vaccine meron na salarin

Bat pa yan patatagalin

Napakalaking mali dapat sibakin

O baka naman sadya para mas maraming bilihin

Mula sa ka deal na SinoVac vaccine?


Kawawang Pilipinas lagi nalang kulelat ngayon. In late 50’s early 60’s first in infrastructure. Vietnam seems to be in a better situation today.

So what happens now? I’m sure there will be a program designed to deviate from this massive blunder. A feeble attempt at damage control in order to deflect from the rotten core of Philippine politics. And all this time, no one is held accountable.

Question: ano kaso pwedeng isampa to an official for failure to save lives? Negligence equal to manslaughter?

Baka wala na yung perang inuutang na nakalaan for the vaccine to give way for the favored vaccine now?

Hindi pa tapos ang listahan kung paano makaka-kickback?

Isa talaga silang mga pagong sa kangkungan?

I guess nothing should faze me now with all the costly blunders key people in the government are doing. But this hurts. Sad to say, those in power think the people are expendable.

We are worlds away in healthcare because we have out-of-this-world leaders. Pastilan!!  

Again and again Duque has proved that he is no longer fit for his position. Resign now!

Thus, #DuqueResign. Pakisali na rin si Duterte.

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