Sunday, December 13, 2020

Alice in Borderland on Netflix: Surprisingly Superb!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I'm gonna do a late reaction to the live adaptation of Alice in Borderland.

Everyone should watch Alice in Borderland on Netflix.  It’s a series of life and death type games and it’s been making me question life. 

What will happen if one day, everyone in this world disappears and the only way to survive is to take part of bloody survival games with your life at stakes? 

This Netflix physiological thriller J-drama does provide an unambiguous answer. 

Alice in Borderland is pretty damn intense. If you enjoyed Battle Royale then give this a watch. Also the Manga was pretty.  

I've never seen something this good and that could potentially be so mainstream since Stranger Things. I hope this shit blows up. It's one of my favorite from NetFlix now.


With Kento Yamazaki (An aimless gamer) as the main protagonist of the series, Alice in Borderland will give you the "As the God's Will" vibe but much better! 

Based on Haro Aso's suspense manga series, now on NETFLIX! 

Kento Yamazaki's character is a rich and sexy incel who hasn't showered in two days but I love him anyway.

His friends Chota and Karube are fun yeah even if the three of them together have a combined networth of 3 dollars they're happy good for them I guess.

Alice in Borderland and Cherry Magic tell so much about Keita Machida's range. Both characters are indeniably smoking hot but Karube made a whole 360 turn from Kurosawa.

Kieta's range from Cherry Magic to Alice in Borderland, i'm so impressed that I want to see more.

I don't know what the fuck happened or how they got there (because have not seen the manga) but yeah anyways, there's an MILF in the game with them by the way,  I don't know what else to say since she didn't have that much screentime but I felt bad for her like seeing how she was taken advantage of by her boss pisses me off.

Alice in Borderland's part of the Top 1 shows on Netflix in different countries worldwide!!! Alice in Borderland world domination lezzgo!

The main cast of Orange (2015) Live action reunites in Alice in Borderland 

December 12, 2015 - Orange is released

December 12, 2020 - Alice in Borderland secured a spot in Netflix's Top 10 shows in various countries.

December 12 is a special day....aside from the Shopee and Lazada online shopping portals sale. Lol.

Shit! 1st episode palang pero the thrills. If I were in here, I would be the first one to get killed. Cause of death: math!

Again, It's out now on Netflix - "Imawa no kuni no Arisu" / "Alice in Borderland" ~ Enjoy! 

Season 1 only have 8 eps, right? So we will have to wait for season 2? As to whether it will indeed end in one season, I think we can tell by the time we finish watching episode 8.

I finished them all. Just finish episode 8 and thats why I'm craving for more!

After such a cliffhanger, bet there's definitely going to be a season 2. My anxiety was through the roof with this show.

Not only is it a good show but this will also prove to them that the audience for Japanese dramas is present and therefore they will hopefully be able to upload more J-content, thank you.

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