Monday, October 5, 2020

Pulse Asia is more likely False Asia

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Pulse Asia President Ronnie Holmes: We are an independent organization; we have used the same methodology & questions for the last 20 years."

Pulse Asia just came out with a survey that says 9 out of 10 Filipinos approve of DU30's handling of the pandemic.. Why do I find it hard to believe? 

Does anyone take these survey results seriously?

Pwede bang makita ang survey forms na merong sagot ng mga tao? Kung tao talaga ang sumasagot!

Hindi pa sinagad na 100% nagkakalokohan na rin lang naman.. Biruin mo mas mataas pa ratings nung dalawang Speakers. Wala naman talaga koncretong ginawa kundi sumipsip. 

Sagad-sagarang pangloloko propaganda ni Duterte.

At anung questions po mga yun?

Is duterte good?

Is duterte very good?

Is duterte very gooder?

Is duterte very goodest?

Ganyan po ba mga questions nyo?

Pandemic pero nakapagsurvey kayo saang banda?

Eh yung mga utility companies nga hindi makareading ng maayos, survey pa.

Pulse Asia conducted the survey on 1200 respondents NATIONWIDE. What’s the current number of population in the country? 109.58 million!

That’s only 0.0000001095% of the population! 

Do you think it’s reliable? 

Should you be proud with that survey? 

Everyone is scratching their heads. Mantakin niyo naman. Philhealth, constant absence, highest Covid cases in Asean.  Tapos 91% ? Paano ba tinanong? Gaano karami ang base? Nakakapagtaka.  Nakaparami ang namulat during this pandemic (anecdotally).  Pero 91%?? It’s strange.

Tanga na lang ang maniniwala sa Pulse Asia survey na yan.

Kung totoo yang survey ng Pulse Asia ,wala na tayong pag-asa. Ibig sabihin 9 sa 10 pinoy ay TANGA.

Are they getting the survey direct from  admin's troll factory or just not providing the right questionaire and/or template to disinformed and misguided targetted audience.

Pulse Asia should be transparent on who commissioned the survey. The methodology  and the sampling they used. 1.2k respondents does not constitute sentiments of the population. Especially if they interviewed davao residents. ,

Eh di WoW. Masaya tiyak ang pasko ninyo sa Pulse Asia sa kabila ng dami ng nawalan ng trabaho at naghihikahos. Ang sarap ng buhay ninyo, Mr Holmes.

Oh c'mon! Nobody will believe that false survey you did. It's a hoax and proof that you are one of those institutions that are conniving with the government. Only DDS will believe that the survey you released is true, that approval rating is another food for DDS.

Buti sana if around 60-70 % range, kapani-paniwala pa. Pero 91% amidst the failed moves against the pandemic? Maraming mamayan natin ay namomroblema sa kawalang konkretong plano sa ilalim ng Pangulong naka-upo, tapos 91%? Lukuhan na lang talaga.

1200 ang nasurvey diyan at tig 400 Luzon Visayas at Mindanao ang ginamit sa random sampling. Panggulo lang ang survey kasi hindi ibig sabihin na yung gusto ng nasurvey gusto na ng lahat. At sa 20 years nila hindi pa ako nasurvey kahit kailan.

So @pulse_ph kung legit at accurate ang latest survey niyo eh does it mean na deserve nung almost 6K na Pinoy na namatay dahil sa #COVID19? Jusmiyo! Kawawang Pilipinas. Mas kawawang mga Pinoy. 

Siguro kailangan mas magfocus ang questioning sa policy. Example: lockdowns, WPS. Masyado nang nagiging popularity contest, wala nang substance ang governance. Mas informative ang survey kung mas pagtuunan yung review ng policies ng government.

Excuse me sir. You are living a good life. But how about those people na hindi na survey pero naghihirap. Kinunsider niyo din ba ang social status. Or baka within cities lang kayo nagsusurvey. How about in the provinces. And your respondents are not enough to prove your claim.

There were people who says Pulse Asia is yellow and a product of oligarchs. I disagree. But definitely, survey / poll companies are in a business, they are commissioned and paid by a party to do so. The results should favor the one who commission the job otherwise they will lose business. So please reveal who paid for this survey.

You're not independent when you accept money to do a survey for particular group or organization. The bias stinks and the stench is revolting.

Statistically speaking, a sample size of 1,200 is okay for a 16M population with 2.8 margin of error at 95% confidence level. Don't question the math, numbers don't lie. Question the Pulse Asia's survey process for its authenticity and reliability. 

Look let's face it. 

Unpopular opinion. 

Filipinos are cowards, idiots, and morons or all of the above if they continue to put trust on Duterte's government that has done nothing for them but bread and circuses. 

Either that or Pulse Asia lied.

Sorry that's the truth.

What is real is that you just lost all the credibility you've had in the past decades. Di ko kung sino mas elitista, ang gobyerno o kayo.

Or they're deprived of proper education. The average pinoy is isolated from the exclusive education of top schools that produce condescending graduates like us. 

However, I still believe Filipinos are not stupid. It isn't an education problem. Maybe an information + disinformation problem, but Filipinos aren't stupid. The Duterte zeitgeist is what they want.

I’d like to believe Pulse Asia lied. Majority of the people are just trying to get by to this new normal. But don’t try their patience. It will only go so far! Admittedly, because of the physical & mental exhaustion, we’re feeling battling this pandemic, we are not doing anything yet!

When is enough, enough? 

Filipinos have lost jobs. 40% of small businesses are closed. The government can not pay for their healthcare costs. The pandemic response has been stupid. Everything is much more difficult and/or expensive.

When is enough, enough?

I wish I knew what would trigger us to finally say ENOUGH!

There is obviously a disconnect when there are more suffering right now. 

Need to find out what that disconnect is.

Yeah either the survey is flawed, or people were too cowardly to say what they needed to say or worst they are complete morons. 

But as others point out, this zeitgeist is what Filipinos wanted.

Another connection here. Fake news, social media propaganda leading to pretty much blind worship, red tagging, constant publicity (including memes), and misinformation have worked in their favour so damn well, this is the unfortunate result.

I have an other theory. I believe that China has bought the pollsters (PA + SWS). With them they can easily manipulate the public opinion that their man stays in power. The purchase is spare money for China.

Their attempts to be loved by the Filipinos failed and they knew it before.

You might find it frustrating how even through so much suffering, many remain faithful and loyal to President Duterte, but to stress oneself over the stupidity of many is equivalent to emotional suicide.

Sa totoo lang, has ANYONE here ever been surveyed by Pulse Asia/other supposed polling bodies constantly cited by the admin? 

Pangalawa, if Leni—who has objectively done more than Duterte during this pandemic—makes them so insecure, why not focus on, you know, THEIR JOB?

Not productive to dismiss the latest Pulse Asia (@pulse_ph) survey as false/manipulated. The technical details are publicly available. What we should be talking about is how & why public support & approval of Duterte survives even the mismanaged pandemic. 

Here's my attempt to make sense of the latest Pulse Asia survey. We can make reasonable convos on survey methodology but it's more important to also talk about why popularity is still high. We need to listen well so we can respond appropriately. 

Its the power of social media. Ramos, Erap , GMA, Noynoy did not have this kind of popular stability as social media was not dominant then. Think Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior. That's why Facebook shutdown their "advocacy" accounts because they have been brainwashing the majority of people with their fake news propaganda.

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  1. Besh while I agree with your sentiments,

    "Statistically speaking, a sample size of 1,200 is okay for a 16M population with 2.8 margin of error at 95% confidence level. Don't question the math, numbers don't lie. Question the Pulse Asia's survey process for its authenticity and reliability. "

    If it's okay with 16M then it's also okay for any other large population size. That's just the fact, that the sample size for large populations doesn't depend on the size of the population but rather on the margin of error and confidence level. You could confirm this by inputting 45M on that calculator of yours. We should be attacking their methodologies and analysis of the data. Peace out!


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