Sunday, October 4, 2020

As Content Creators and Influencers, should we set or follow the trends?

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As influencers or content creators, I understand we want to entertain. However, I noticed that majority of those well-patronized content are those that offer showbiz or entertainment, celebrity endorsements, pranks or scripted scenarios, pabebe and pakilig attempts to make people laugh, features on sexy models, beauty queens, and TikTok babes' exposing cleavages and dancing to sensual rhythms, sensationalized politics and current events,..matched with exaggerated and fake expressions on reactions to scandals and controversies (for video reactions). Same as how mainstream media is popular with the same set of content and formula...all with intriguing and sensationalized elements.

....while the significant and more important topics like documentaries, business and entrepreneurship opportunities, etc., get minimal engagements. 

Do you think it's about time we mix the two topics to make what we perceive as "boring" topics become more acceptable and interesting just as how weather girls are stripping out of their clothes at some news channels in other countries, or the Naked Bakers channel on YouTube where erect nipples are screaming to go out for a peek to the outside of the hindrance we call clothing?!

Don't you think we should change the mindset of people to pick the content that will make their lives more productive instead of being a "chismosa" about the latest gossips?

As they say, negative publicity is still publicity, and so if we meant to inform people how bad ... let's say Buknoy Glamurrr is as an Influencer, creating content about him only adds to the noise contributing to his popularity....and we know how some brands would take advantage of the commotion...which encourages more "influencers" to setup their own scripted  scandals.. and unorthodox behavior.

...and that is one example where at the end of the day, our audience got entertained but did it improve his life, or society as a whole, during that moment?...compared to creating a video where we show our audience how to .... let's say....  make a compost bin where they can put their kitchen scrap and turn into reusable compost for our soil and plants instead of adding our waste to our heaping garbage problem.

I'm guilty of the former but I also try my best to balance it out with the latter content. But if people are eating up the former making it the more well-engaged content, I may be tempted to keep following only the formula that works and stop making an effort to do the other ones.

So depending on our intentions, it's our choice if we want to either earn from our content while dumbing down our audience, or learn how to become more productive together with our audience.

We should all aim to veer away from the traditional by innovating the way we present our stories.

We know it may be difficult at first to attract and convince people to change their preference. But if we all make an effort together consistently, we will eventually succeed.

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