Sunday, October 4, 2020

Roque: Mocha Uson is a role model for women

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Netizens suddenly turned the spotlight on Mocha Uson — a government official, political blogger, former sexy dancer and allegedly a fake news peddler, when Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque called her a role model."

Mocha Uson is trending yet again. The way the government is hyping up this woman is beyond me.

The PH never ran out of women who stood out because of exemplary performance in their respective fields.

I don't understand why they have to label Uson as 'role model'. 

Two years after her resignation as Assistant Secretary of PCOO position because she ran for the election as a Partylist representative, Mocha Uson is still squandering our taxes as the nonperforming deputy administrator of OWWA. 

Now Roque is saying she is a role model for women.

Based on what standards? This administration is severely lacking in standards...making them not credible to identify acceptable standards, what more above and beyond recognition.

Or is it just me thinking that this freakin' government just giving some more real nonsense to get us triggered with their fail governance and system? Because WTF lang kasi what makes that girl a role model to the women constituents of this country?

Malay ko ba dito kay Harry Roque na human rights lawyer kuno, pero women who use their power to disparage other people and willfully stoke ignorance and misinformation isn't a form of feminism. Mema mema na naman 'to si Brother Nature maisingit lang uli si Mocha Uson sa usapan.

Like the same person who dresses up as a nun for obscene photos, the one who.let a man fondle her breast to check for tumor which signifies breast cancer, and the same person who spreads misinformation aka fake news? What standards do you have Roque. Are you on crack?

Throwback to that one time my classmates were dissing on Mocha Uson and I thought they were talking about the flavor so I quipped "But I like Mocha"  I will never forget the literal murderous looks I received.

Ever since I became aware of Mocha Uson's existence parang ruined na yung lasa ng mocha flavored things for me.

Well, I ain't letting her serve as one to my daughter.  Sorry but we are not as low as you. Ang daming babaeng empowered and intelligent. What else can she do aside from spreading fake news and information?

Calling Mocha Uson as a role model of a Filipina is a big insult to the women of this country. She can't even fight for their freedom. Sarah Elago is more competitive and deserving.

Please enumerate the reasons what made Mocha Uson a role model especially to the young women.

Saying that Mocha Uson is a role model does not sit right with me. So Roque is saying that women who are dumb and minions of the government are ideal?? I feel like you're saying that women don't need brains, they need big ass big tits?

You know you have low standards when you think Mocha Uson is a good role model for women. Kung may anak kang babae @attyharryroque would you want your daughter to grow up like her? Im not asking for a friend.

A better role model would be his wife. Ang galing pala sa negosyo. Rich na rich sa raket daw.

Not gonna really debate about Mocha Uson being a role model or not but — What if Mocha changes into a conventionally good woman in the future?  Would she still be bashed? If she'd still be, then it must be said people hold bias. They only forgive others they like to forgive.

Filipino liberals, Communists and wokes who claim to be "feminists" openly attack Mocha Uson and Sara Duterte in the same way that American liberals, Communists and wokes who claim to be "feminists" openly attack Amy Coney Barrett.

But we should NOT compare the political climate of the Philippines to the US.  There is a tremendous criticism on Trump’s nominee.  Americans are concerned because of how the  judicial system works.  The word here is ... BALANCE!  As a non-white, I will be doomed!

Lastly, women, just as men, actually need no role model. They can be anyone they want to be. They can just be themselves and not submit to any societal painting of what a woman should be. But if there's a woman we all should look up to, IT AIN'T MOCHA USON. NEVER WAS. NEVER WILL.

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