Sunday, October 4, 2020

Going Viral or Trending: It's Not About Your Content, But How Likable or Horrible You Are

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you a good storyteller?

"Ay, nako! Kahit gaano kaganda ang istorya mo at kahit overacting ka pa kung mag-emote.... pero hindi ka naman type ng audience dahil mas gusto nila yung sexy na labas cleavage, scandals at controversies, scripted scenarios and pranks, at showbiz pabebes at pakiligs ng mga woke, Gen Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers na feeling young, ay hindi ka talaga babasahin, papakinggan, o papanoorin nila dahil ayaw rin nilang magkaroon ka ng views para hindi rin kumita ang AdSense mo. So, useless talaga rin ang effort mo. 

Yun na yun!"

This reminds me of the political well as popularity of Influencers or content creators.

It's not really on how good your content is ..but on how Likable, or Horrible, you are as a person.

Many ignore the quality of your content, if they do not like you from the very beginning....or patronize content that speaks negatively of you.

Natawa lang ako dahil nakaka-relate din kahit papaano. I notice different acceptance levels depending on where you post your comments. If you post where majority of the people do not know you, you get high engagement. But if you post on groups where majority are your bashers, naturally you will get less.

So find your tribe....and grow with them.

Parang setting up a business yan. It's usually the strangers who will support you more...while those who know you will just keep asking for freebies and special perks or privileges.

Kaya huwag malungkot if you can't seem to find an "audience" for all your effort. The views don't really matter if all you care about is the perception of others. It should be all about how good it was for you when you wrote that blog, or shot, and edited, that vlog.

When I started both online presence, I was not minding my ranking, DA, analytics, views, etc. It was more about my virgin experience - how much new stuff I learned, the various people I met, and the opportunity to improve and innovate my craft as each day passes.

Jollibee failed in their first attempt in business when they sold ice cream, so they changed their products and innovated their concepts which includes the mascots that was a significant factor that boosted their sales. They made children happy when word got out that there are playful mascots at this fastfood chain, kids were the ones asking their parents to bring them to Jollibee. Thus the resto got the entire family as patrons. It was never their food alone as there was another resto that served better burgers back then.

It should be about innovating yourself and your creations regardless of how many attempts you made already, but what's more important is getting along or being in jibe with your "customers."

This is what I've read from 2020 Social Media Trends by Danny Goodwin

"It is no longer enough to provide a service or product your customer needs. Self-serving social messages won’t cut it in 2020, either. The new mindset is this: The relationship we build with our customers is more important than the products and services we sell them."

The service or product in our case is our content. The relationship could be engaging with our followers, but we can't engage if we don't have enough followers yet.

That's why celebs or popular personalities have the upper hand because they already have a fan base...and we know how fanatic a fandom can be. That is why some Influencers even stage scripted or setup scenarios, and invest to boost their online presence, para mapansin muna at mapag-usapan....same as why businesses invest on billboards, ads, press releases...kahit walang significant info about their products on their ads. The visually appealing endorsers, "budots" or "pabebe" are getting noticed more than the "informative and educational"

And because people would usually patronize first who they know and are familiar with.

Should we lose hope? Never! But it does seem futile because we are not in an ideal world.

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