Saturday, October 10, 2020

Baby River Dies Without Her Mother By Her Side

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"The treatment toward Nasino at River’s wake to her funeral has caused widespread anger, with some complaining of selective justice and comparing her treatment to higher profile and wealthier prisoners allowed temporary release on humanitarian grounds."

The tiny hands of River, Reina Mae Nasino’s 3-month old child, grasps the finger of a relative. She is admitted at the ICU of PGH. She is “no longer responding to medications and may expire any moment now.”

We condemn the court for not allowing Reina Mae to see her baby before it was too late. 

It is with deep grief that we announce the demise of River, Reina Mae's 3-month old child.

Join us as we pray for her soul’s eternal repose and let us continue to call for the release of her mother so she can have a glimpse of her child. 

Please offer prayers for the passing of Baby River, the three-month old baby. This is a heavy night. 

When the state granted permission to a convicted plunderer to visit his ailing father while a political prisoner wasn't able to hold her daughter's hands while she is in critical condition.

The Philippine government pardoned a murderer-foreigner while a first-time mother remain incarcerated over ridiculous fabricated charges. Even during that time when Baby River may expire any moment now, they still didn't allow her to be a mother to her. How infuriating! 

 “First and foremost, the arrest of Reina Mae is illegal and the search warrants used to justify her arrest are marred with irregularities”

According to reports, Baby River who was born under prison condition, have succumbed to acute respiratory distress syndrome at 8:50 tonight. Ina Nasino has been informed of this heartbreaking news by the jail warden. But the court denied her request to see her ailing baby.

Nasino has been denied a lot of times:

When she petitioned the court to be transferred in a facility for pregnant women due to growing cases of covid in prison, when she petitioned the court to be with her newborn, and tonight, when she appealed to be with her dying daughter.

Koko Pimentel waltzing into the hospital to see his baby born with little repercussions


Reina Masino denied of all opportunities to see her baby pass


Not silence. Justice! 

Rivers are traditional symbols of life, and the passing of time. Tonight, a baby named after them was deprived of both. 

We will flow with you, baby River.

We will flow for you to seek justice.

We will continue flowing

'till we make a great surge 

What kind of government leaves a baby to die without being able to see her own mother in her last moments? Ours, apparently. 

f*ck selective justice. f*ck this government.

Reina & her 3 month-old daughter should’ve been in an environment for sustained breastfeeding & care if the courts acted in a timely manner with compassion & a sense of justice.

River Nasino could have been like her mom. A community organizer from KADAMAY, who helped the urban poor of Tondo for their basic economic demands.

Instead, she was murdered by the gross negligence and fascism under Duterte.

This government has been nothing short of inhumane and unjust. I hope these f*ckers and their supporters never get a wink of peaceful sleep until their demise.

So much can be said about how a government deals with activists. Shame on y'all.

Revolting, really, how the State destroys so many families each day. As we pray for River's soul, may we keep demanding for Reina's immediate release. 

The injustice becomes more apparent when you think about how transphobic murderer Pemberton was granted pardon while River was denied the motherly care that was vital to infants. She might still be alive if the State never imprisoned Reina on false charges. 

International Day of the Girl Child is in two days. Ipakita natin sa Estado na hindi tayo titigil sa pagsingil ng kanilang inutang na dugo. For River and Reina. Ipaglaban ang karapatan ng kababaihan! Palayain lahat ng bilanggong pulitikal! 


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