Monday, October 5, 2020

91% Approval rating from a Pulse Asia survey for Duterte?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 91% Approval rating from a Pulse Asia survey is not surprising. 

The survey depends on who sponsors the survey and where and when was the survey conducted. A simple random survey in one area doesn't represent  the whole population.

91%? Almost all Filipinos na yan ah! Di na kayo nahiya False Asia. Sinagad nyo na sana to 100%!

That survey happened when hunger is at record high, unemployment is at record high, gdp at record low, corruption at all time high, #1 in Covid in SEA, at the bottom #66 in the world in Covid response.

Obvious na masyado yan False Asia! Kung mas palpak, maraming pumapalakpak?

Bakit hindi pa ginawang 100% para perfect na. Parang exam lang yan mataas nga score mo pero nag cheat ka naman. Mas masarap sa pakiramdam ang mababa nga ang score mo pero malinis konsensia mo.

Ano to, rating wars na parang TV station? I wonder where the sampling population comes from. If it's just from 1 to 10 islands of the 7600+ Islands, then that's not representative of the 109M+ Filipinos in the whole country. Enough of such surveys. Just do your job properly instead of creating circus, comedy, and drama out of this government.

Surveys are as accurate as election results. But  please take note that most have been wrong with their choices. That's why we're f*cked up.

A lot of our kababayans have been manipulated by trolls and deceived by the sweet promises and little offerings of corrupt politicians with vested interests.

If you still support this President after everything he has done (or has not done),  you are in deep sh*t! 

There might still be hope for you but I highly doubt you will listen to reasonable facts. 

Though plants thrive with some vermicasts, bettlecast, and other dried insect and animal poop as fertilizers, remember that we are not plants but human beings.

We deserve better. ..and I am not saying I'm Dilawan so it's an automatic VP Robredo for me. I don't support or criticize with any color or association like the cult-like DDS fanaticism whose responsible for spreading fake news. The government even admitted that the supposed "advocacy" FB accounts were theirs, yet fanatics still welcome it with open arms like brainwashing is normal for their tribe.

The only people who will support the current administration are those that are in it, benefitting from it, or have been deceived by the government's troll farms.

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