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Munch, Magic and Mental at Fujinoya Manila Together with The StoryCircle

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What do you get when you crossbreed a Bulldog with a Shih Tzu (pronounced as Shitsu)?

You get a magician trying to be a comedian! Lol

Our first magician performer from The StoryCircle made us think what would happen when crossbreeding pets, puncturing peso bills and playing cards with oil and water attributes.

But I've guessed his first joke of the night...hehehe

He may have fast hands but I have the quick thinking. lol

Seriously, our first magician from The StoryCircle opens up with a magical joke, then later on amazes us with his other tricks.

Next was some impressive mind reading done by the Mental Assassin, Papa Justin Pinon.

This guy never fails to boggle the mind. It's not my first time to watch him but I still couldn't figure out how he does it.

Justin Pinon seems to have perfected his craft to the Godly levels that would make you wonder if he might be from out of this world.

The Mental Assassin has gained several more believers!!! and I continue to be amazed!

The third one was meant to be chaotically lots of laughter.

From knotting colorful hankies to fast completing Rubics cube, all from a Fujinoya Manila take-out paper bag, the last performer had us laughing til we almost dropped

We were laughing out loud from the start but later mixed with emotions wondering with WOWs on how he did it.

Now this is a talented guy from The StoryCircle. Two thumbs up!

Fujinoya Manila has them performing two Fridays of every month...a welcome treat added to their own sumptuous offerings

The StoryCircle at Fujinoya Manila videos has also been uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

Sef as host introducing the performances for the night...but I got a feeling he also kicks ass if he performs full on.

Fujinoya Manila offers munches - dishes (bento boxes, sandwiches, ramen, etc), drinks (coffees, milkshakes, etc) and desserts (yummy cakes) while The StoryCircle provides magic and mental entertainment including Justin Pinon, The Mental Assassin.

As mentioned, you can't go wrong with Ramen especially during the rainy season, and Fujinoya Manila has them.

They have several types of Salmon Bento Boxes offering various combinations.

This is the first time I've finished a salmon dish which means I loved it.

There were several cakes to please even the most delicate taste buds can be found here.

Milkshakes and artisan coffee, cold and hot drinks enough to keep you glued on your seats.

I'm saying a mouthful of praises for Fujinoya Manila for giving us a memorable night of munch, magic and mental (mind-boggling sa simula at gitna then matatawa ka sa pasabog sa huli, biglang kambyo sa dulo dahil it's magic at its finest) with The StoryCircle gang of magicians and mentalist - the magnificent misfits coz they are among the special elites blessed with amazing talents.

For the ambiance, we saw Japanese pop culture with the likes of Voltes V, and other iconic images adorning some corners of this Japanese cafe cum restaurant where you can find dishes, drinks and desserts enough to keep you coming back for more.

Plus entertainment on some Friday nights stsrting at 8pm brought to you by The Story Circle

May patawa at gulatan sa Fujinoya Manila.
Akala namin puro joke gagawin niya pero we were all impressed sa kalagitnaan hanggang dulo ng performance.

Wala talagang itatapon sa galing ng grupong The StoryCircle

Patok sa aming panlasa ang dalawa. Busog ka na sa pagkain, pati sa kakatawa at mahika!

Now this is how to entertain! Bravo!

We simply just have a lot going on our table. With my milkshake, and my two colleagues' caffucinos, plus the cake slices, our munch last night at Fujinoya Manila Ortigas branch, coupled with the magic and mental prowess of The Story Circle's show, was more than just the makings of a marvelous night.

Seriously, you're missing one half of your life if you don't go check out what the resto can offer, especially every two Fridays of every month

Just keep on looking at the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook page for more glimpses of what we've experienced.

Fujinoya Manila is definitely a fab foodie discovery that is highly recommended!

#WazzupPilipinas #TheStoryCircle #PambansangBlogger #FujinoyaManila

#WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger #MentalAssassin #TheStoryCircle #FujinoyaManila

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