Thursday, September 5, 2019

Gone Are the Old Days When Trad Media Were Used to Brainwash Us

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“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” Mark Twain this true?

Back in the old days when there was only trad media, we have no alternative but to gobble up what they report. That is why those who can afford to pay the exorbitant amounts to the publications and networks could advertise, put out an advertorial, or submit their own stories or features, giving a disadvantage to the less fortunate.

Real trad media working for publications, TV and radio networks (otherwise known as mainstream media) should not expect to be paid or get "tokens or complimentary gifts" for covering events especially when they were assigned by their respective trad media outfits to cover the event as part of their job.

Unless it is for a special feature or promotional gig for the brand, but still the payment should be given to the publication or network instead since the trad media is just representing and is receiving a monthly compensation already, and that special feature is obviously a form of advertisement to boost the presence of the brand, so it needs corresponding compensation given to the trad media outfit, and not the trad media personality. However, if he or she was hired as an endorser or ambassador of the brand, then it should be outside the hours of his duty to get full credit for the effort.

Don't be frustrated, if you as a trad media covering an event, would go home without any perks or freebies, because unlike bloggers  (the new media) who are usually working independently as a freelancer who do not receive regular salaries from a trad media outfit, members of the trad media (whether reporter or cameraman, photographer or marketing reps) are already being compensated by their respective trad media outfits.

But this culture within trad media outfits is terribly unappealing and prone to biased and special treatments especially when they receive hefty amounts often called "honorariums" from PRs, the brand itself, or from the event organizers. The trad media write-ups and stories will be favorable only to the generous, and less mileage are usually given for the rest. Also, unless it is a top personality, trad media will often look the other way if the brand is stingy. They may not even let your story come out.

This is why trad media is accused of being "bayaran" because they readily accept all forms of "tokens of appreciation" from everyone capable to pay without any hesitation.

If we want to avoid "fake news", stop pampering trad media!

Again, only bloggers would need a push to sustain their online activities since they are mostly working independently as freelancers. Stop kissing the asses of those reporters and camera men. Stop this appalling culture within trad media outfits!

Even giving trad media, especially the top three TV networks, priority to interviews is already a form of discrimination to others in the same field but belonging to smaller outfits...and giving them special access or additional perks encourages unfair practices.

Just as how government employees are discouraged from accepting gifts, members of the trad media has responsibilities that are equally critical and sensitive. Let us be assured that their stories are in their truest form. Stop pampering trad media. Mali ang katwiran na may bayad dapat ang trad media para sipaging ilabas ang balita about you.

If you believe your brand is great and deserving of a coverage, real trad media will come to cover and put out the stories or news about your events, products or services, without the need to give out "pampadulas", "pangkape", pangmerienda, or "pangyosi"

Now, social media has empowered all of us to fully engage and communicate with almost everyone connected to the Internet. Feedback is immediate, and we could quickly rebutt a claim. Even the masses could easily buy a smartphone, connect to the Internet, and post anything online or at the various social media networks.

The ability to share our thoughts to the rest of the world has made each one of us the bearer and propagator of our own news. No longer relying on a few sources because everyone else around the world could inform and help us verify reports.

In our home, the smart TV is used to just watch online content. Gone is the prominence of trad media. No more TV shows, no more radio shows, no more magazines or newspaper, all online!

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