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KA-TITANS MSME's Franchise Loan: The First Groundbreaking Opportunity for Filipinos in Franchising Industry

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Filipinos are resilient, creative, and resourceful. Any idea brought to life and combined with dedication produces astounding results including businesses. However, there is a common challenge for most Pinoy entrepreneurs that hinders them from continuing their plans.

The Harsh Reality Stalling Their Dream Business: Lack of Funds

Despite having several business concepts ranging from food, clothing, technological tools, and service-oriented among few of their ideas, Pinoy entrepreneurs seemingly face a dead-end in growing further their business. This is due to lack of financial resources and difficulty of putting up their capital.

Practical decision-makers are hesitant to risk it as they cannot afford to see their family struggling to get by every day. The harder truth is even for MSMEs (micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs) in the franchising industry who can start with less amount compared to traditional businesses, the funds are still quite hard to raise it. This is where KA-TITANS™️ MSME’s Franchise Loan opens the disruptive opportunities for Pinoy entrepreneurs.

How does the KA-TITANS MSME's Franchise Loan work?

Loans are acquired with the intent of purchasing home or car for most Filipinos. These assets that are only for personal use and growing expenses over time. Hence, it is encouraging to establish the first franchise loan system in the country with the intention of scaling further and bringing to life the business concepts of Pinoy entrepreneurs.

Titans Venture Business Corporation is founded by 6 Titans of their respective fields. Together, they will provide free mentorship, business development, and other important strategies for their Ka-Titan partners. Yes, everything is for free.

As soon as the business grows and more Filipinos are interested to franchise it, the equity will be shared among the said corporation and the Ka-Titans partners. This drives both parties to invest their commitment, time, and effort to ensure the inevitable growth of their business. Indeed, a win-win arrangement for everyone.

Achieving Profitability with Manageable Risks

The guided mentorship and comprehensive action plan given to the partners along with the franchise loan helps in mitigating risks, lowering the overhead costs, and maximizing profitability rate.

All these comes with no additional burden on reviving Filipino businesses. In addition, another assurance for Ka-Titans partners is the collaboration with SECURITY BANK, a trusted bank for over 65 years in the market, in granting the franchise loan.

KA-TITANS MSME's Franchise Loan is the first and only disruptive and innovative concept to storm the franchising industry. This is created by Filipinos to support fellow Pinoy entrepreneurs.

Looking into the Future: Titans Equalizing the Competition with Taipans and Tycoons

The future is truly promising because the business industry can be elevated with more Filipino Titans on the helm. Their dedication and passion to improve their business goals magnified with the expertise of respected mentors will only produce more successful Filipino entrepreneur stories.

In Mr. Joey Garcia’s words, “If there are taipans, if there are tycoons, this is the TIME of the TITANS.” He is one of the 6 leaders of Titans Business Venture Corporation. Truly, this is the time for more Ka-Titans to conquer the business industry.

Tara na mga Ka-Titans! Tayo naman!

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