Thursday, September 5, 2019

50 Shades of Ross Del Rosario this October

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I'm almost half a century old, but I'm getting better and stronger as I approach it. So here's another lengthy post from a fruitful and meaningful life filled with bountiful blessings.

No need to keep my age a secret, because only the weak hides his age. But in my case, when my age was asked, I would jokingly say 25. But that's exactly how I feel. The same age when I got married.. so it also means my wife and I will be celebrating our silver anniversary - 25 years in marriage this November 2019, actually I loved her so much that I married her twice - civil and then church wedding within the same year. Before man and God.

Do you want to know my real fountain of youth? It is of course being married to my better half, the love of my life, the one who has stayed by my side inspite of all the struggles trying to fit in a society that do not understand misfits like me. I was an introvert with deviant ways, weird and strange to many, unpredictable and moody to some.

Yes, I'm more of the misfit who would frequently get off the usual path to try out other roads and discover their secret or hidden features, yet the eccentric also for being so unconventional and slightly bewildering, maybe eclectic is the more appropriate adjective to describe me since I would derive my ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Too broad that I often get lost in a chaotic pursuance of perfection.

But all I could say is that I would have been a very different person if not for my wife's patience and understanding. I am indeed a rare, if not genuinely one of a kind, breed of dreamers who would often look at the skies to daydream about the possibilities. Gazing at the people around me every now and then wondering if others think like me too. My search for like-minded individuals continue.

I never stopped daydreaming. I guess I never will. But I'm proud to say that I've already left a legacy online to serve as a mark on history being the self-proclaimed Pambansang Blogger but truly living my life as what that branding would literally mean.

Yes, your National Blog of the Philippines would maintain its effort to be world-renowned and globally competitive, if not already, so that the world would remember me by as the man who made a noble effort to influence the mindset of brainwashed and confused people. Regardless of the difficulty with so many pretentious personalities spreading false hopes and promises, I will serve as your hero that will holler the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out, deafening to only those who seek to destroy our lifelong dreams.

All the rest are mostly noise, and mine aims to be the most inspiring to encourage others to reach out, engage and touch lives. Doing the iconic shout-out is a wake-up call to everyone who may have overslept and lost the will to persist.

Less talk, less mistakes. But our erring ways is what makes us real and human given the free will to control his own fate. We are all destined for greatness, it is just sometimes we forget to pause for a while and reflect on our achievements. We may have been already basking on the definition of success yet our unquenchable thirst for perfection is whats keeping us to want more. Never satisfied, always searching for the best version of ourselves.

Life was not meant for us to keep on hoarding. Our lives were meant to be shared and appreciated by all.

Please always remember that I will never grow tired and weak of doing the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out with you!

Congratulations to us all.

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